Crypto Paintings: Everything You Need to Know

You could argue that crypto art is the next big thing on the internet.

Artists everywhere are making their debut as crypto artists, selling their pieces for tens and thousands of dollars and never shipping a canvas to anybody.

This is the unspoken beauty of crypto art.

Kay Hare is one of those artists. She creates a range of beautiful art with oil and canvas and has made it very clear that she believes in Bitcoin and the future of our financial system.

She’s really making the most of this new-found digital trend.

Although Kay Hare’s art is still available to purchase and hang in your home, she is a great example of what crypto paintings can do for the online art community.


What are Crypto Paintings?

Many artists are embracing the world of cryptocurrency and bitcoin.

Whether that be by creating paintings inspired by the movement, selling paintings with bitcoin, or protecting their payments with cryptocurrency, it’s definitely making a difference in the art world.

One piece of crypto art, called ‘The Forever Rose’ sold for a record $1,000,000 despite no one ever being able to actually hold it in their hands.

Instead, it was viewed as a ‘Rose Token’ that could be used as value on the internet.

All a little bit crazy, right?

There are even online worlds where you can purchase tokens, build characters, and own art that no one else does. All of this feels like learning about sliced bread in the 1900s.

Well… a little bit of normality can still be held onto even when utilizing cryptocurrency.

Kay Hare’s paintings are still available to hold in your hands and hang in your house.

Instead, she’s passionate and inspired by the benefits of cryptocurrency and bitcoin, often incorporating these as themes into her art. Here’s an example:

Kay Hare’s bitcoin drawings are much different from her regular paintings, made with diamonds and 10k gold leaf on linen.

Her blog discusses how she believes in the future of bitcoin and cryptocurrency, and she definitely communicates this in her fantastically imaginative drawings.


Who is Kay Hare?

Kay Hare is a successful oil and gold leaf artist, creating stunning paintings from her homes in London and Monaco.

She is also a very successful magazine editor, currently holding the position of Chief Editor with The Real Rivera, an online magazine that talks about inspiring lifestyles.

She is very open about her experiences with painting, the pandemic, and bitcoin on her website blog where she spills it all about the future we could have if we trusted in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency a little more.

You might want to consider checking out her work. Her paintings are:

  • Future forward
  • High quality
  • Handmade
  • Cryptocurrency protected
  • Made with expensive, healing materials
  • Diamond encrusted and 10k gold leaf induced

To put it simply, she has her fingers in all of the exciting cryptocurrency pies and her paintings are definitely an extension of that mindset.

She’s setting an example for all debut crypto artists that want to make their way in the world.

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