4 Ways Custom Printed Umbrellas Can Serve as a Great Promotional Tool For Your Business

Establishing your brand in the market means everything for your business today. When you present your brand in printed form to the world, it stays fixed in their minds, and they tend to remember such brands. Using the ubiquitous umbrella as custom gear to promote your business is a fantastic idea.

Custom printed umbrellas are not only helpful but remain in use with your customers for years. Did you know that the average household in Australia owns 30 promotional items and that printed umbrellas account for 45%? Thus, ensure to consult leading experts of branded custom merchandise like Custom Gear to help you conceptualize the right promotional tool for your business.

Here are 4 ways custom printed umbrellas make great promotional tools:

1- A Cool Escape

If it is likely to get unbearably hot during most parts of the day, the cool shade of an umbrella looks very inviting. By placing your printed umbrellas at strategic locations outdoors, you can draw many customers who initially come for the shade and start observing your brand while cooling off.

That’s the power of a promotional tool in the form of printed umbrellas. Approaching a customer and striking a connection with your brand name while they cool off is very easy.

2- Healthcare

The healthcare industry accounts for a considerable share of promotional printed umbrellas. These umbrellas are customized for giving away to doctors nurses, and employees in the healthcare industry. Hospitals, nursing homes, dental clinics, and other doctors’ offices all prefer buying customized printed umbrellas to give away:

  • As gifts to nurses during National Nurses Week
  • Gifts during National Hospital Week
  • Rewards for patient referrals
  • To be sold in the gift shops
  • A reward for blood donors

3- The Hospitality Industry

Publicity and advertising are always welcome in the hotel industry, which endeavors for 100% occupancy rates. Hotels and restaurants like to leave promotional umbrellas in the lobby and outdoor areas for their guests’ privileged use. With weather being unpredictable most of the time, a printed umbrella is a great marketing tool for the hospitality industry.

Umbrellas come in handy whether it is pouring outside or the sun is shining at its best. The hotel industry caters to over 96 million customers. Even if a small percentage were to use your printed umbrella even once, that’s awesome publicity likely to generate revenues in the future.

4- Custom Printed Golf Umbrellas

Printed golf umbrellas are one of the best promotional ideas for a business. Such umbrellas are used for a long time and are seen daily by the users, offering them protection from rain and windy conditions. With your logo displayed prominently in the panels, they remain in the customers’ minds for a long time.

Outdoor umbrellas make up a major part of companies’ promotional products as they last longer, are seen by customers repeatedly, and make a lasting impression.

Summing it Up

Custom-printed umbrellas make one of the best promotional tools for any business. They last for not less than 5 to 7 years and are seen by users more often than other promotional products, and their utility ranking is very high. Ensure to enlist professionals like Custom Gear to help you develop the right designs of custom-printed umbrellas for your brand.

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