Cute Yoga Clothes to Try Out This Year

Yoga is an extremely therapeutic activity…and so is dressing up! If you’re wondering what you should wear to your next yoga class, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered.

Below is a list of cute yoga clothes you should try out this year:

1. Pastel Colors

Pastels are all the rage this year. The trend originally began in 2020 but has carried on into 2021, too.

Athletic wear has been dominated by neutral colors for too long; blacks, whites, and greys have always been a staple in yoga outfit trends. However, these colors can begin to feel a bit bland after some time, which is why the global yoga community has begun to incorporate other colors into their outfits, too.

Pretty pinks, mellow yellows, and sky-hued blues can be seen dominating the 2021 yoga scene. However, these colors aren’t for everyone. Whether or not you choose to follow this trend depends upon your personality.

Don’t worry, though! We’ve got lots more options to choose from…

2. Crisscross Cutout Leggings

If you’re into cutout clothing, we’ve got some excellent news for you!

Crisscross cutout leggings are now style. These do a brilliant job of accentuating your waist thanks to their unique design: the cloth at the pant’s waistline is cut, usually from both sides, in a symmetrical fashion so that your hips are exposed, but the rest of your body is covered.

This style is similar to the famous “bandage” design because of the way the remaining fabric wraps around your body in thick strips as a result of the cutout.

3. Cutout Bodysuit

Another fun cutout style; if you’re tired of wearing separate pants and tops, why not go for a bodysuit this time?

In bodysuits, the top and bottom halves of the outfit are combined to result in a one-piece suit. The cutout-style bodysuit has some parts missing, though. In one cutout one-piece style, the mid-torso area would be missing from the front while being fully intact at the back.

Another cutout style features full sleeves with cutout patterns across the arms. Yet another design opts for similar cutout shapes running across the legs.

There are many different cutout styles when it comes to these gorgeous bodysuits.

4. Flared Leggings

Hold up…aren’t flared pants something we left behind in the ’70s?


Flared leggings are back in style and better than ever. These fantastic pants can look flattering on anyone but are best suited to taller people because of their design. The type of pants you wear should coincide with your body type, or else things can begin to look out of place.

However, if you feel your best in a flared leg, then go for it!

There are many different designs within the flared leg category. Some pants flaunt wider bell bottoms, while others have relatively cropped flares. The options are endless!

5. Lace-up Leggings

What if you took some lace and merged it with leggings? Well, that’s exactly what designers are doing right now!

Lace-up leggings feature a series of crisscross lace ties at the back of the legging, just above the butt area. The designs resemble the lace within sneakers or combat boots.

This style began to catch fire when award-winning singer Rihanna began flaunting them earlier this year. Since then, it has become one of the greatest ongoing trends within the yoga community.

Summing Up

As you can see, there are many fun and fresh yoga clothes out there that are worth the try. Thanks to a large number of options, you’re bound to find something you’ll love!

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