Decades Of Accent Chairs

Each decade takes shape with new fashion and trends, with circumstances leaving a large emphasis on home decor and enjoying your home furniture for this new decade

Each decade takes shape with new fashion and trends, with circumstances leaving a large emphasis on home decor and enjoying your home furniture for this new decade, we look back at the past 90 years to see what accent chair…


The 1930s Brought Us The Barcelona Chair

Designed by Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe, a past teacher at the Bauhaus School of Design in Germany. Van Der Rohe designed the chair for Spanish Royalty on their visit to the German Pavilion. His close friend, Florence Knoll, ran a furniture manufacturing company that was granted the rights to the production of the beloved chair and matching stool.

The design followed Van Der Rohe’s well-known motto “less is more”. Now the chair can be widely available with the best Barcelona Chair reproductions available at affordable prices.


The 1940s Brought Us The Eames LCW Chair

The name stands for Lounge height, Side chair, Wood base. It was one of the first designs from the plywood series created by Eames. The innovative technique of molding plywood made the chair unique from any other chair that had been designed before.


The 1950s Brought Us The Eames Lounge Chair

Another iconic design from the duo Eames was their highly recognizable Eames Lounge Chair and matching ottoman. It was designed to be an update of the old English club chair. Now it is one of the most significant designs of the twentieth century.

Charles Eames described the chair to have a “warm receptive look of  well-used first baseman’s mitt”


The 1960s Brought Us The Shell Chair

Loved by critics for its avant-garde design, unfortunately, the general public did not feel the same as they rejected to accept its distinctive expression. This meant that the chair didn’t take off at the start and had a very limited production. Years later and the design began to be admired for its creative form, it can be seen as being before its time when Hans Wegner designed the chair.


The 1970s Brought Us The Amoebe Chair

The striking design was created by Verner Panton, who also designed the S Chair. Both designs embody the vibrant and flamboyant spirit of the early 70s. The backrest of the chair curves over the head of the sitter to form a sculptural canopy.


The 1980s Brought Us The PP130 Circle Chair

Hans J Wegner designed this chair at the age of 72, where he showed after a long career in furniture design he was still able to maintain an enthusiastic and innovative spirit for his designs. He wanted to make a chair that was inspired by one of the most simple shapes, the circle.


The 1990s Brought Us The Aeron Office Chair

Designed to have cross-performing capabilities, this office chair was created with ergonomic, modern, and innovative design in mind. Produced and sold by Herman Miller, the chair has been updated by themselves and original co-designer Don Chadwick to be based around the latest research in science sitting. With advancements being added to its technology and materials.


The 2000s Brought Us The Louis Ghost Chair

Designed by Philippe Starck, he was inspired for the piece by Louis XVI, which is why it has been named Louis. The chair has been cleverly made from a single piece of material, molded to create an elegant and smooth design. The chair can be used both indoors and outdoors.


The 2010s Brought Us The Spun Chair

Designed as an experiment, not as an actual chair, Thomas Heatherwick wanted to see whether or not the process of spinning metal can be used to create something to sit on. He had no intention of creating a chair but after popular demand, it became one. The result was asymmetrical rotational form. It can be seated no matter which direction the chair is rotated.


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