Decorating Tips for Both Sexes

The main reason we take so much interest in home décor is to create a pleasing space where we’ll love spending time and where we’ll be able to relax. With all the options available to us nowadays, this shouldn’t be very hard.

However, the situation becomes tricky when you have to decorate your home to be inviting for both you and your partner. It’s not uncommon for people of opposite sexes to have different requirements and expectations when it comes to home surroundings, and it can sometimes be next to impossible to cater to everybody’s needs. If you’ve found yourself in exactly such a situation, here are some valuable tips for you.

Create a neutral zone with neutral colors

There is something wonderfully soothing in the word ‘neutral’. You can’t not like neutral, can you? And if neither of you dislikes it, then it’s a perfect solution for every room you share. So, by choosing neutral colors for your walls, you’ll end up creating a base that will later allow you to add both feminine and masculine elements to your living space.

This is what neutral colors do. They provide you with a whole variety of options for furniture and accents.

Most people will think of neutral colors and see only white, but this is far from true. You have a range of wonderful colors at your disposal, so choose shades of creams, grays, beiges, and tans. You can even come across such colors as neutral mauve, neutral blue, or neutral red, so you definitely shouldn’t worry about your home becoming a dull place after painting your walls in neutral hues.

Introduce pops of colors more subtly

Yes, ‘subtle pops of colors aren’t a phrase that sounds logical, but it can be done. For example, in a room with a neutral color base, you can add some splashes of color on smaller things that won’t draw too much attention to them, such as a nice lamp, some cushions, or a throw on your sofa or the bed in the master bedroom. Another way to make space come more alive is by introducing different fabrics.

Not many men will love baby pink or bright orange flowers on their curtains, but if you choose large floral patterns in neutral colors, they probably won’t mind them.

Furthermore, any space can benefit from a nice rug. Finding attractive rugs online has never been easier, and you can choose between all sorts of styles and colors. For example, you can add some Boho-chic to your living space with a tribal rug, and you can even get the ones made of natural materials, such as wool, cotton, or jute.

Decorating colors

Compromise on accent with textures

Just because the two of you love each other, doesn’t mean you have to love or like the same things. So, if you can’t agree on the color of an accent wall, that’s perfectly fine. Instead of choosing a bold and bright color, make the best of your neutral walls. How? Well, if you choose one or two colors for your walls, you can later get playful with several shades of those colors.

This means that you can introduce items of different textures into your room, as long as they belong to the same color family. It also means that, even if you have several tones in one room, you can still choose different styles of furniture without making the space too chaotic. This way you’ll make your living space more interesting so that you can both equally enjoy it.

Combine the feminine and the masculine

Generally, curvy furniture and ornate decorative elements are considered feminine, while those with straight and clean lines seem more masculine. Similarly, bright and cheerful colors are more likely to be chosen by women, while men will opt for darker and calmer tones. However, there is a way to combine all of this and make it work.

For instance, if your living room furniture is more masculine, a colorful cushion can add a touch of femininity to it. On the other hand, if you want an ornate lamp, make sure it’s in a color and with a finish that your partner won’t frown upon. You can overlay masculine and feminine for a space that will be pleasant for both of you.

A compromise is something to be valued, so make sure you both have a say in what your home will look like. Remember, it’s supposed to be cozy and welcoming for both of you, so bring in some of your styles and combine them with your partner’s for a home you’ll both love.

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