Decoration Tips for Your Outdoor Living Area

Do you love to spend time where you can enjoy the beauty of nature? If yes, having an outdoor living area in your home is the way to go. Even if you think there is not enough free space around your house, you can always create a good external space, no matter how small it is. 

The outdoor living area offers a suitable space to wind down and get rid of stress after a hectic day. In addition to being an ideal place to spend time alone, it is also suitable for hosting guests, friends, and family. Here are some decoration tips for your external living space:

Provide Shade

If the space is attached directly to your house, the ideal thing is to construct a patio. But if it is entirely detached, there are other ways to provide shade. One of the simplest is to buy a big umbrella or awnings. You can take a step further to construct something permanent if you have the funds. The key benefit of having a roof over your outdoor area is that you can stay there during a sunny day or when it is drizzling. Apart from the shade, nice and inexpensive umbrellas add a decorative layer to an outdoor space.

Buy Weather Resistant Furniture

Tables, seats, poufs, and other accessories made for outdoor spaces are unique. This is due to the harsh weather conditions they are exposed to. When shopping for furniture, let the vendor or manufacturer know that you are using it outside the house. This is to make sure you buy products made with weather-resistant materials. Anything other than that will not stand the test of time.

Outdoor pillows 

Pillows go well with weather-resistant furniture. They add comfort and coziness to the area. What’s fascinating about pillows is that they are portable and you can easily change them whenever you want. A few colored pillows can add a flair to subtle seats. If you want, you can choose different shapes and sizes. However, choose outdoor pillows filled with polyester stuffing and water-resistant fabric. This way, they won’t fade as badly in the sun or retain water.

Decorate Outdoor Living Space by Adding Blossom Wall Art

Do you love cherry blossoms? If yes, then showcase your love for them by decorating your outdoor living area with wall prints of cherry blossoms. This will create a unique decoration and help you set a personalized space where you will love to spend time in the evening. This will bring freshness to your living area and will make you feel happy.

Decorate Outdoor Living Space by Adding Blossom Wall Art


You need good lighting to enjoy nights outside your home. There are various types of outdoor lights and lamps that can instantly transform your outdoor living area, especially when the sun is down. Outdoor lighting provides visibility for detecting motion and warding off animals. The best approach is to have a mix of different types and designs. For instance, you can buy a lamp with a stand or drop-down lighting products.

More importantly, you must pay attention to whether or not you need to hardwire your outdoor light. If you cannot run a conduit to the area, you can buy a plug and use outdoor light. Nonetheless, invest in durable light fixtures that can withstand rain, snow, and humidity. 

Area rug 

Area rugs give your furnishing context and help to ground your seating area. When you are not seated, the rug provides a soft place where you can rest your bare feet. Beyond all of these, area rugs improve the coziness of the outdoor space and can withstand heavy foot traffic. Choose a product that will complement the other furnishings and accessories you have around, but will still hide debris and dirt. 


Curtains are perfect for visually breaking up an outdoor space. They add sophistication and are effective for shielding you against harsh weather conditions. If you want, you can choose curtains that you can pull for shade or tie back when not in use. More importantly, make sure to buy products designed for outdoor use. This way, mildew, fade, and water won’t become a problem. A detachable fixture is also best since it allows you to bring the rod and curtains inside for winter. 

Arts and pictures 

Mount arts on the wall to add glamour to your outdoor space. If you appreciate art, you would understand the type of pop it adds to an area. Interestingly, there is no rule for it. Simply walk up to a store and buy any art design you want and mount it on the wall. If you prefer plants, buy wall-mounted planters and use them instead of arts. The planters are designed for wall mounting. As a result, they come with mounting holes that you can mount on walls with nuts and screws.

The big idea is to ensure that your wall is not blank and empty. Speaking of plants, you can choose real, tropical plants that can survive in pots and keep them in your outdoor area. 

Use rocks 

If you want to decorate your outdoor area with something other than arts and plants, try decorative rocks. Use pebbles to decorate specific areas or customize walking paths to give your space a touch of nature. Since the rocks are not real, you can choose any color you want and get super creative with the design. You can even paint them yourself and add any detail you want. 

Fire pits 

Throw a fire pit into the mix and enjoy a traditional campfire with your fire. With this, you can toast some marshmallows over the open fire, or simply use it as a cozy light source when you want to spend your nights and evenings outdoors. On evenings when kids are feeling rambunctious, you can host a campfire without ever needing to leave your home. Choose a simple propane fire pit or any similar type that is inexpensive and easy to use.


Your outdoor space should feel like an extension of your house. However, it should also embrace nature, and blend with exterior landscaping. You can get creative and add amenities and conveniences without going overboard. In other words, you don’t need to break the bank to create the outdoor space of your dreams. Choose those few improvements and any other that comes to mind, and you will slowly transform your outdoor area into a cozy space.


Viral Rang
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