Dedicated Server by IKOULA for all Types of Projects

It is possible that when launching any web project, you find yourself in the situation of not knowing how to choose the server that best suits your needs. The market offers many options, but like everything in life, not all have the same quality. The ideal is to bet on a supplier that offers us good value for money, and in this sense, the IKOULA Company has been standing out for a long time. This company offers dedicated servers designed for all types of projects, from the smallest to the largest. To do this, they offer a flexible and powerful custom configuration.

What do IKOULA Dedicated Servers Offer?

As we have already mentioned, what users look for in any server is power for the proper functioning of their project. In this sense, to guarantee this point, a dedicated server by IKOULA offers you all its servers with Linux operating system. This operating system is the most used today and is ideal for hosting web pages, applications, content management systems. In addition, it is suitable in cases where you need to use technologies such as PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, or MySQL, among many other things. But this does not mean that another version of the operating system such as Windows Server cannot be installed. In fact, the company offers a wide variety of operating systems to choose from.

If we focus on its range of servers offered by the company, one of the things that have caught our attention the most is the wide range of options it offers. It is very difficult to find companies in the market that offer so many options to choose from. In this way, the user will be able to choose those that best suit their needs, and that are within their budget.

It must also be said that each of the dedicated server models they offer is fully customizable. This is appreciated since not all users require the same needs.

Services Included with the Dedicated Server

To make the service as complete as possible, Ikoula offers a series of services that are available with the hiring of any of its dedicated servers. Among these services we find.

Technical Assistance

In any contracted service, what the user expects is to be able to have someone who can help us whatever time it is. Ikoula offers 24/7 support, which guarantees that its technicians can act at any time of the day and solve all kinds of problems.

Server Tracking

For those who do not have much knowledge of systems administration, having a tool that allows them to see the status of the machine at all times is of great help. From the company’s extranet, the user will be able to access graphics performance statistics.

Hardware RAID

Most of the dedicated servers they offer feature hardware RAID that offers simplicity, reliability, and better performance.

Tested and Certified Components

Before setting up any client-server, all the components of the machine are tested to ensure their proper functioning.

Wide Range of Operating Systems

Before starting the server, the user will have the option to choose the operating system with which he wants to work. It offers a wide range of operating systems such as Linux, BSD, or Windows Server virtualization systems and Hyper-V, CoreOS, and VMWare ESXi.

Writing Data Center Market

Ikoula, a specialist in infrastructure as a service (IaaS), dedicated servers, and cloud, presents a new range of dedicated servers with the latest Intel Xeon Silver and Gold scalable processors, designed to meet the professional needs of large organizations and companies.

These new high-end dedicated servers, created to expand the POWER and XTREME family, adapt 100% to each complex computing project such as IoT, AI, and Blockchain among others, and offer different advanced functionalities according to the needs of each company, providing higher performance. In addition, they introduce the concept of “Pay for what you need”, which allows for much more precise optimization and cost control.

The Versatility of Power Servers

The latest members to arrive in the POWER family have been the P-Silver Core and P-Gold Core servers. With 1 Gbps, these give a privileged place to the processor and allow to have up to 14 cores per server. Optimized to suit most uses, the servers are offered in a basic configuration with 64GB of RAM, 2x2TB SATA, or 2x240GB SSD, and include additional hardware RAID and KVM / IP.

Thanks to the versatility of the servers that Ikoula presents, they can be customized depending on the needs that you want to cover and decide to increase only certain features for an affordable initial price and great long-term functionality.

Extreme server Performance

The X-Silver Core and X-Gold Core servers from Ikoula’s most powerful range are aimed at companies looking for the best and highest performance.

Thanks to the new Intel processors, you get doubled cores, double the RAM, and double the storage than usual, always with a bandwidth of 1 Gbps. The most demanding profiles can choose a configuration of 128 GB of RAM, 2×4 TB SATA or 2×480 GB of SSD, hardware RAID, KVM / IP, and up to 28 cores for the Gold version.

These features are perfect for projects that require a large amount of data processing capabilities, or for shaping projects such as virtualization or simulation, and other large-scale IT. This new offer of dedicated servers is aligned with the company’s mission to be a provider of IT solutions that covers all the needs of large companies involved in high-end computing projects.

As you have seen, there are many benefits that Ikoula’s dedicated servers offer to any web project. For this reason, it is an option to take into account when hiring this type of service. Do not hesitate and bet on this company. You will not regret it!

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