Define Your Personal Success!

Your studies are yours.

And because probably 95 percent of all students have not yet understood this fact, very slowly: Yours. Studies. Belongs. To you.

Nobody can tell you how to study.

Of course, your university and the corresponding examination regulations set the pace – but how you structure your studies in detail is up to you.

And that also means: you can either bow to the educational policy requirements (shortest possible duration of study + best possible grades = efficient production of standardized graduates) or: you do your own thing as far as possible.

But this also means that you define your success.

But many students don’t even know what they want and allow themselves to be persuaded that they are not allowed to pursue their own goals. Uniform standards do not go far enough if you want to have an individual and self-determined course of study.

I’ll take the liberty of making a few suggestions.

5 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Studies

If you’re tired of basing your studies entirely on the next grade, think about what long-term life goals your studies could help you achieve. Ask yourself what makes you happy, independent, and successful in the long term.

These five examples can inspire you:

1. You Find Your Passion

Your studies are part of your training. And that includes realizing where your strengths and weaknesses lie. You don’t have to expect that you will be enthusiastic about every lecture or that you will like every module right away. That would be completely unrealistic.

The important thing is that you recognize what you like and what you don’t. What are you interested in? What inspires enthusiasm in you? And what not? If your studies help you to find out what motivates you in the long term, the semesters you have invested are priceless.

2. You Become Self-Reliant

Studying also means: standing on your own two feet. If you approach your studies in a self-determined manner and take responsibility for your actions, you will become an independent and focused person.

You will not let yourself be guided by others, but will confidently go your own way – without bending yourself. Many students who adhere too rigidly to the course structure and only do what society, university, or parents expect of them will never achieve this level of independence.

3. You Form a Strong Network

Relationships are a central part of life. Some even say that they are the most important factor of happiness and success of our time. And: your time as a student is the perfect time to make contacts and maintain existing relationships.

Therefore, during your studies, try to get to know as many people as possible and build up a strong network of fellow students, lecturers, and experts. In this way, you ensure your connection to an exclusive group well beyond your time at the university and also gain important social experience that many graduates have to laboriously acquire after their studies.

4. You Continue to Develop Your Personality

In addition to your professional training, you have the opportunity to further develop your personality during your studies. To do this, you have to remain true to yourself and your values ​​and consciously practice important virtues such as honesty, self-discipline, and loyalty.

If you don’t just base your success on a few key figures, but instead continuously work on valuable character traits, you will not only become a great academic but also a great person.

5. You Outgrow Yourself

Your studies will at times make you feel completely overwhelmed. There will be times when you need to take on challenge after challenge, calling on your full potential each time.

Some students fail in these situations because they are unwilling to step out of their comfort zone. However, if you manage to take the extra step and surpass yourself, you will become stronger and more resistant to stress with every stress phase. Regardless of the result, you can only win.


Studying is more than learning and getting good grades. It is a philosophy of life that is about continuous development – in all possible areas of life.

The nice thing about it is that you can decide for yourself which areas these should be. If you don’t have the freedom to decide due to all the numerous assignments, then consider using a residency personal statement writing service. The professionals there will be able to easily take on your assignments while you get some breathing room.

Ultimately, what is the right path and how you make the most of your studies depends on just one question: What is important to you personally?

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