Definitive Guide to Mobile Marketing: 11 Powerful Strategies

If you are new to the world of mobile marketing, listen up! We have all you need to create and execute powerful mobile marketing strategies that will appeal to your target audience. Used correctly, they could increase your reach by allowing you to connect with the estimated $666 billion per year that your competitors are making by selling through mobile-specific pages.

Let’s talk about mobile marketing. How do you harness it and capture that potential for yourself?

11 Best Mobile Marketing Strategies for Your Business

We sought out the best in mobile marketing strategies so you can give your firm the edge, online, and on mobile.

1 – Targeted Apps

Apps can be a great way to make you money by connecting users with your products, specifically, is an online marketplace-style platform. An app that you use in mobile marketing, however, needs to be targeted and labeled correctly in order to reach the right people. Make sure the intent, content, and focus of your mobile app are clearly defined.

2 – Look at Distribution

Is your app available in the Apple Store or on Google Play? If not, you’re not reaching the right clients.

3 – Monetise it

If you can monetize your app, then do. Obviously, the only firm you want to advertise is your own, so use your app to sell products or services rather than to advertise to anyone but yourself.

4 – Make sure your Website is fit to Mobile Size

If your web developer hasn’t allowed for scale on a mobile viewer then you should consider a new developer. Make sure your pages scale down when viewed through mobiles.

5 – Think about Function

Anything your site or app does need to be geared towards mobile marketing. To do this, performing some sort of essential task is ideal. If your app budgets for the month, help accumulate vouchers or points or money off – then it will become indispensable to your loyal customers.

6 – Optimize your App

Again, ensuring your app is optimized to be easily found in app stores is vital. A little SEO may be needed.

7 – Insert Link Building Practises

When creating mobile marketing campaigns, implement what you learned about backlinks and link building from your website.

8 – Guest Blogging

The best way to implement what you know about link building is to guest blog or to have guests write for you.

9 – Employ Review Websites

The more people review your mobile app or marketing campaign, the more links you build. Added to this is the increase in publicity and you can see why review sites are so popular.

10 – Pay Attention to Negative Feedback

It should go without saying, but the internet is a large and scary place sometimes. If someone reviews your mobile marketing campaigns or app for the worst, you need to resolve the matter thoroughly, quickly, and in front of the whole world.

11 – Hire in the Professionals

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Final Thoughts

Mobile Marketing represents hundreds of billions of dollars of the market and will grow exponentially in the next few years if it continues at its current trajectory. Make sure your business isn’t missing out.

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