Dental Hygiene Is Often Ignored: Read On To Know All The Habits You Need To Inculcate To Have A Good Oral Hygiene

Great looking teeth that glow and feel healthy! Like everyone, you want it too, don’t you? Well, there are two things you need to do about that.

One, visit your dentist regularly, and second, follow good oral hygiene. You need to follow the instructions given by your dentist regarding healthy habits to follow for complete oral care. If you don’t, any treatment for your teeth will fail.

If you want to know what good oral hygiene is all about, read on.

Habits to Follow for Good Oral Hygiene

Good oral hygiene comprises everything from the right technique for brushing to keeping your appointment with the dentist. Given below are some tips for proper oral care:

Brushing Before Bedtime:

One of the most important habits and, sadly, the most ignored. We all need to brush twice a day, and yet we forget to brush our teeth before going to bed.

What makes this action important is the accumulation of plaque and germs all day can be thoroughly cleaned when you brush your teeth at night. These germs and plaque damage the gums and teeth.

Brushing Technique:

Along with brushing your teeth twice daily, you should also use the right technique while brushing. Brushing the wrong way is as good as not brushing at all!

Brushing should be done at a measured pace, making circular motions in a gentle way to get rid of the plaque. If you don’t brush and the plaque stays, you will face serious problems like hardened calcium or tartar and gingivitis. Gingivitis is the early onset of gum disease.

Don’t Forget Your Tongue:

Your oral care is incomplete if you forget your tongue. It’s not just your teeth, but your tongue that needs cleaning too, or else you can have plaque building up on your tongue. You start having a bad odor along with other oral health issues.

Fluoride in Toothpaste:

The flavors and whitening power of your toothpaste are not that important. What is important is whether your toothpaste contains fluoride or not. The reason for this is fluoride protects your tooth from decay.

Fluoride creates a protective barrier around your teeth and fights germs that cause decay. It also makes exposed roots and weak spots stronger.

Flossing With Brushing:

Just brushing won’t do, you need to floss regularly too. Food particles that get stuck in your teeth will not go away with brushing, and you have to use floss. These are areas that your toothbrush cannot reach.

There are other benefits of flossing, such as reduction of plaque, stimulation of gums, and minimizing inflammation of your gums or gingivitis. Flossing can be done once a day.

You’ll be surprised to know flossing keeps diabetes under control. Bacteria that develop if you don’t floss can increase blood glucose levels and create problems for you if you have diabetes.

Oral bacteria can also cause pneumonia, heart disease, or bronchitis if you don’t floss.

Flossing can be a challenge when it comes to senior citizens with arthritis or young children. Some options can be helpful in such cases, such as dental floss is easily available over the counter at the drugstore. Flossing can be conveniently done with these tools.

Importance of Mouthwash:

Your mouthwash plays an important role when it comes to your oral hygiene. There are three benefits of using mouthwash that are reduction of acid formation in your mouth, cleaning areas that your brush can’t reach, and the area around your gums and re-mineralizing your teeth.

The tooth becomes more robust, and its functioning improves with remineralization. You can use an antibacterial mouthwash to control the buildup of plaque. Gum infections might require a prescription mouthwash from your dentist.

Mouthwash also helps when it comes to pregnancy gingivitis which could lead to complications in pregnancy.

Increase Water Intake:

The best beverage when it comes to oral healthcare is water. Drinking water after every meal ensures the removal of beverages, and acidic, and sticky foods that cause damage to your teeth. These stay even after you brush since your toothbrush cannot clean those areas.

Water helps prevent dry mouth as more saliva is created. The food residue that remains in your teeth is washed away by your saliva. Dry mouth is one of the causes of tooth decay.

Fresh Crunchy Fruits and Vegetables:

Don’t go for convenience with ready-to-eat fruits and vegetables because they damage your teeth. Choose fresh and crunchy fruits and vegetables that contain a higher amount of healthy fiber. These are also the best solution for great teeth.

Your jaws get the exercise they need with these vegetables, and these make your teeth stronger.

Avoid Acidic and Sugary Foods:

Your teeth enamel is damaged when you have sugary foods as they are converted to acid in your mouth. Cavities are caused by these acids. Food like coffee, tea, and acidic fruits are disastrous for tooth enamel.

The best thing would be to avoid them altogether because they also cause staining of your teeth. You will need to go to the dentist to get your teeth whitened and avoid trying any DIY techniques!

You will come across a lot of possible DIY solutions when you look for best at home teeth whitening ideas. However, each of them come should only be followed after a proper consultation with a dentist.

Keep Your Dental Appointment:

Apart from the habits for good oral hygiene, don’t forget to visit your doctor twice a year or more frequently if required for checkup and cleaning. Following the above tips are only part of your dental care regimen, and your doctor will let you know what changes you need to make.

Your dentist will warn you if there are any potential problems. If your teeth are crooked or crowded, you will be recommended dental braces. While you might feel that braces will spoil the cosmetic appearance of your teeth, you’ll be surprised to see how great dental invisible braces look and how easy it is to get them. You can visit Zenyum, if you are looking for one.

Follow Good Oral Hygiene For Great Teeth

If you want teeth that sparkle and are healthy, you need to follow all the rules of good oral hygiene. Follow the instructions that your dentist gives you, and don’t miss out on your appointments. When you do this, your teeth get the best care.

If you are facing problems with your teeth or want to get them whitened, get them checked by the dentist and let them suggest a solution.


  1. I liked reading the segment of your article that explained how dentists can help you keep track of potential dental problems you may experience in the future. I don’t know much about my own teeth at all, so finding a professional that can help me learn about them and prevent issues sounds great. I’ll go look for a dentist in the area that offers exams and cleanings right away.

  2. Thanks for elaborating on the importance of dental hygiene and how it prevents serious teeth issues. One of my friends mentioned that he’s having trouble chewing food from time to time because of tooth pain. Maybe we should have it checked by a dentist before it gets worse.

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