Dental Implants That Won’t Break the Bank

We’re all fascinated with the idea of having the perfect ‘million-dollar smile’ – gleaming, shiny, and white teeth. However, a million-dollar smile doesn’t necessarily have to cost a million dollars to achieve.

Dental implants are considered the ‘gold standard in restorative dentistry. They’re prosthetics consisting of two components; a titanium base and a restoration on top. There are variations for single, multiple, and implants placed in an entire arch.

Dental implants typically cost triple the value of other restorations. Therefore, the idea is to introduce patients to the multiple benefits of having dental implants and find them the best affordable dental implants.

Why do Implants Cost More?

Crowns, bridges, and dentures are a few other restorative options aside from dental implants, but they don’t cost nearly as much as implants do. Why? To put it simply, an implant has a 95% success rate and is therefore considered the gold standard.

The titanium rod is osseointegration and can therefore stimulate the jaw’s natural process, that is, increasing bone length. The abutment or the restoration does not require as much maintenance as other prosthetics. Plus, an implant resembles the closest to your natural tooth.

They might cost thrice as much, but implants last anywhere from 25 years to an entire lifetime!

Pre-Procedure Breakdown

Implant placement is an invasive surgical procedure that requires nearly 6-9 months to fully complete. Why? Firstly, several pre-procedural requirements have to be met. Namely:

  • Consultation with a dentist
  • Extraction (if required)
  • Control of any pre-existing gum or periodontal disease
  • Bone grafting (if needed)
  • Lifestyle modifications and control of systemic conditions

And that’s all before the surgeon can place the titanium rod into your jaw. Therefore, dental implant placement can also be a multi-disciplinary procedure requiring; a general dentist, a prosthodontist, an oral surgeon, and even a general physician.

If you want to cut costs on your implant procedure, you’ll need to heed the dentists’ advice seriously during your first consultation. For example, if the dentist advises you not to smoke, you would be required not to smoke. Otherwise, a bone grafting procedure would be necessary and an added cost (unless it already was needed).

Implant Procedure

There are two components to the entire procedure:

2. Placing the Titanium Rod

Implants cost a lot more than other restorative procedures primarily because of the materials used to build them and the precision it takes to replicate them as closely as possible to natural teeth.

Titanium is a durable, lightweight, and osteo-integrative metal that attaches to your jaw and forms a bio-compatible relationship with your body. Placing the rod can be done under local or general anesthesia and can be one, two, or upwards of 4 for an entire arch.

2. Placing the Restoration

A few months after placing the rod and allowing the socket to regenerate and heal, you will be called in for placing a restoration atop of the rod. The repair is typically made up of ceramic and is engineered to resemble your natural tooth as closely as possible.


To conclude, implants cost thrice as much as regular prosthetics, but they can last up to a lifetime. They should therefore be considered investments for a healthier and happier you.

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