Designer Flooring with Parquet Wood

Wood parquet flooring is a traditional choice that brings warm temperatures and character to any part of your home. Parquet timber tile designs vary from incredibly easy to evolutionary geometrical designs. Wooden ground tiles provide a desirable sight that can’t be performed with simple strip floor boards.


The records of parquet flooring date back to sixteenth century France, wherein artisans created difficult designs with the aid of making geometrical styles with the assistance of small timber pieces and each block had unique shapes, sizes, and additional forms of colors.

Its name came from

Parquet is derived from the French period “parquetry,” meaning “small compartment.”

This timber flooring had been used to update us from a property marble or stone flooring that had been high priced to put in and hold and brought on lengthy-time period harm to the wooden framework.

At this time triangular parquet flooring had been glued to concrete and hand scraped earlier,  however, later on, lengthy planks with a tough and groove machine had been devised, which allowed for greater complicated woodworking to take place, making parquet floors a greater extravagant and complicated floors layout.

The State of Art

 Parquet flooring remained state-of-the-art and had been a higher choice than marble for numerous centuries, till the 1930s, when they fell out of trend and went into sharp decline, and lots of modern-day European house owners loved the consolation of carpeting underfoot.

 Many parquet floorings had been hidden below carpets, till the 1980s whilst those architectural wooden masterpieces had been exposed and restored to their authentic splendor and rose in prominence once more as antique and undying flooring.

Parquet timber floors now

  • Two of the maximum favorite patterns for parquet floors are the herringbone and chevron styles.
  • Unlike the rather polished and complicated rectangular parquet acknowledged for use in preceding decades, those patterns are frequently crafted from unfinished timber boards.
  • Herringbone and chevron timber floors continue to be the organization’s favorite with house owners and feature more and more end-up uber-state-of-the-art in lots of conventional and modern-day indoor settings in current years.


  1. Although parquetry has a wealthy records relationship again to the sixteenth century, it remains famous these days and may be determined in lots of present day houses and corporations in the world. Whether you are running on a brand new build, remodel, or recuperation professional artisans have the information and revel into craft merchandise with the accuracy and precision wished for that.

They apprehend the complete complexity of the technique from timber choice and layout to production and its Installation.

  1.  The patterned ground tiles are to be had in a number of unique materials, dimensions, and thicknesses, so every person is certain to locate the proper fit for his or her specific preferences.
  1. Everyone is free to pick out from certainly considered one among the usual parquet grid designs to be had international or personalize the styles as in keeping with there’ll with the aid of using the articians.
  1. Each timber parquet ground may be made to reserve to fit the preferred specifications, and all merchandise maybe 100% homemade within the production facility.


Parquetry flooring has its own history and modern day uses. Getting one in your house may make it an extraordinary fit for a classic and modern touch with different dimensions for your space. Every part of the house has its own story to tell so choose the flooring that perfectly fits your idea of home.

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