DesignEvo: The Best Tool for Creating Logos in Minutes

You don’t need to be a professional in using Photoshop or hiring a professional designer to get a distinctive logo for your project. However, this post will share with you DesignEvo, the tool for professional logo design for free.

The logo is an essential element that cannot be forgotten when creating any project, as it is the symbol of your brand and represents your company. Besides, it might as well attract more customers or visitors. However, creating a distinctive and well-designed logo is not as easy as you think.

Many brands and websites tend to hire a professional designer to design the logo according to specific ideas and standards. But nowadays, creating a custom logo is not difficult; there are a lot of online banner design services available free or paid.

This post will introduce one of the best online services for creating and designing a professional logo for free with ease. The tool is DesignEvo which helps you to design a cool logo in minutes, even if you have no design skills.

If you have no idea how to create a distinctive logo for your project, website, or even your YouTube channel, don’t worry, you can simply head to DesignEvo to create your logo with ease. The site provides many features, well-designed templates, icons, fonts, shapes, and professional editing tools that allow you to design your project logo freely. No need to become a professional designer, you can create your logo in a matter of minutes at your will.

What are the features you can get from DesignEvo?

  • It has more than 10,000 ready-to-use templates to find the logo that best suits your needs.
  • It provides a vast range of searchable icons, elegant lines, and distinctive shapes.
  • You can fully customize ready-made logos for a unique and creative look.
  • The site is easy to use, and no software download or account creation is required.
  • You can get the logo of the highest quality, in various formats, and ideal for printing.
  • You can save logos you have created on the cloud in your account to edit them at any time.

How to design a professional logo for free using the DesignEvo tool?

After visiting the DesignEvo site, you should create your account to save your projects and download them, or you can use it directly without creating an account. All you need to do is click on the Make a Free Logo button and then you can browse a very large group of ready-to-use logos. These logos range from business logos, and notices to technology, arts, education, food, fashion, real estate, sports, and much more. You can browse them until you see the logo that fits your project area and then click on it.

design a professional logo DesignEvo tool

After selecting your favorite logo, windows will pop up, which requests you to add the company name or company logo. You could skip this step to customize your logo immediately. Also, just add your company information.

Customize the logo template

Customize the logo template DesignEvo

Now the time for personalization, you will see the full control panel where you can edit the logo freely. You can start by going to the ICON section to get very distinctive icons that you can either embed into the logo or combine with it. Moreover, you can browse a long list of supported fonts on the site through the TEXT tab where you can define any font and use it directly in the design.

By moving to the Art section, you will find methods and designs outside the ordinary for the font that will take the logo to another level, so I advise you to try it. At the top of the design, you’ll also find a set of options for controlling text in terms of size, color, letter spacing, etc.

If you go to the Shape, you will find a large number of shapes divided into seven different categories. Within each tab, creative shapes are not only square, circle, triangle, and rectangle, but there is a batch of professionally designed shapes. Once you select any shape, you can change its color, size, or degree of clarity and control the way it displays as you wish.

As for the white background of the logo, it is default but not fixed. You can easily add a custom backgrounder, or according to colors or overlapping color combinations, you can control this after moving to the Background.

Check your logo design by “Preview”

logo design by DesignEvo

If you have made all necessary adjustments to the logo and want to know what it looks like, press the “Preview” button in the top bar. After that, DesignEvo will display to you what the logo looks like when used on a business card, T-shirt, book cover, website, and many other marketing materials. It provides great visual support that helps you see if the logo is now appropriate when used in different situations or still needs some adjustments.

Download and save your logo

So, you think you have done it, and you can download it on your computer or save it on the DesignEvo cloud storage so that you can edit it in the future.

Final thought

You already know how to do DesignEvo work for you. Just try this tool if you need to design a logo for your website or brand or renew your logo if necessary.

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