7 Tips to Designing a Commemorative Coin

If you’re looking to design a challenge coin for your business, you can’t go wrong by following these 7 design tips from the coin design experts!

Are you thinking about designing a new challenge coin but find yourself stumped on the design? If so we are here to help and to give you a few ways to think outside of the box while you design a challenge coin. From limiting the text in your design to thinking outside of the box, keep reading below to see what our top 7 tips are.

1. Think About Your Design

The first step to designing a challenge coin is to brainstorm the design. After deciding that you’d like to create a challenge coin for your business or service you should start to think about what you want the coin to look like for the front and back of the coin.

You should also be thinking about what the coins are for and what event they will be representing. For example, if the fire department is hosting an event they will create fire department challenge coins that relate to the event and their business.

Your design can consist of logos, text, and colors of your choice. To begin the rough draft process you should reach out to the company that will be making your coins and.

2. Keep in Mind Of the Size and Shape

When creating your challenge coin it may be easy to get lost in the design, but the size is just as important as what you put on the coin. The average size is 1.75 inches, think the diameter of a golf ball.

Even 2-inch coins are rising in popularity. The 2-inch size may be considered a large coin, but it will show the detail and give your design a bigger area to shine on. The smallest of your challenge coin can be is 1 inch and the biggest is 2.5 inches.

3. You, Will, Need to Choose the Weight

Another aspect of the coin that you will be able to choose is the weight. It’s common knowledge that coins that are thicker have more weight and feel more expensive. They will also be more durable than thinner coins.

Even though you want your coin to look nice, you also want it to feel nice. You can choose from the thicknesses of 3 MM, 4 MM, and 6 MM. The usual thickness for challenge coins is 3 MM. 3 MM gives the coins a decent weight and a pricy feel, but you do have the option of making them thicker if you’d like.

4. Remember That You Can Request Revisions

Getting caught up in all the options that come with creating your coin may leave a false image in your head. This means you think of the coin looking one way when making your decisions then when you get it, it’s not what you thought.

If this happens, it doesn’t mean that you have to stick with the coin that isn’t what you wanted. You do have the options to do revisions with the company you’re working with. If something doesn’t look or feel right don’t hesitate to inform who you’re working with so they can make the necessary changes to make your vision come true.

5. There Are Many Themes You Can Choose From

If you’re stumped on figuring out the best design for your challenge coin then you should know the many themes you can choose from. Knowing your theme options will help you to find the best coin design for your event or company and even let you create something that’s outside of the box.

  • Funny coins – Not all coins need to be serious. Try putting a joke or a silly image on a coin to make it unforgettable.
  • Car-shaped coins – If you’re getting coins made for something car related try changing the shape of the coin to a car instead of making it round.
  • Tool coins – Maybe making another collectible coin seems a bit dull. If this is the case you should try making the coins into a tiny tool such as a bottle opener.
  • Keychain coins – If you want people to show your coins with pride consider making them keychain coins.
  • Animal themed coins – If you’re creating a coin for an animal-related event try changing the shape from round to the animal of your choice.

6. There is No Harm to Looking at Others for Inspiration

If you are stumped on your coin design or have no idea of where to begin there’s no harm in looking at other designs for inspiration. By looking at other coins you will be able to see what you like and don’t like in designs. Of course, it’s important not to take the entire design from the coins you’re looking at, this is looked down upon.

7. Limit Text on Your Coin to Keep it Clean

The best way for your coin to convey a message is to make sure the design of the coin looks clean. One way to keep your design clean and uncluttered is by limiting the text you place on the coin. Just remember to keep the text short and to use a bigger coin if you have to include text.

Now You Know How to Design a Challenge Coin

We have provided you with the top 7 tips on how to design a challenge coin. From limiting text to keep your design clean to thinking outside of the box for your design, you now know the best tips to create the best challenge coin yet. For more tips and news be sure to check out the rest of our website.

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