Deskercise! 5 Simple Exercises To Stay Fit At Work

Deskercise! 5 Simple Exercises To Stay Fit At Work

With office jobs on the rise, many of us are stuck sitting behind a desk all day. If this describes your working life then you’ll appreciate some tips on how you can exercise and stay fit while you work. Never worry about making time for a gym run again. There are tons of different exercises that you can do while you’re at work, but we’ve narrowed it down to the best five.


1- The Opening Stretch

First things first, you need to get limber before you dive into your new exercise regimen. Sit up straight and dip your neck to the right as though you’re trying to reach your shoulder with your ear. Do this on both sides, holding for a few seconds each time. Now, lace your fingers together and reach as high as you can. Now turn your head from right to left and back, make sure you hold your position for a few seconds.


2- Walking in Place

This is the easiest way to exercise at your desk. Simply stand while you work and walk in place. It’s recommended that you get up and move around for ten minutes at least once an hour – not everyone can afford to ditch their desk, though. Problem solved! Bonus points if you can manage to jog in place.


3- Squats

All you need to run through your squats is you and your office chair. There isn’t a whole lot of difference between a traditional squat and a chair squat, they both work the same muscle groups. So, this is a good one. Start with doing 10 of these.


4- The Stairs

How often do you hop in the elevator at work? Well, quit it! Instead, take the stairs. You would be surprised at what a difference that small change can do. You often don’t realize just how often you take the easy way out when you could be getting in some exercise instead. This is an effective way to get exercise at work while you’re away from your desk. You might as well optimize that time you spend on the move, right?


You may also want to consider parking further away from your office than you do now. Alternatively, you could walk or cycle to work instead. If this isn’t possible, you may find that you can take public transport for a portion of your journey and walk/cycle the rest of the way. It can really make a difference.


5- Time To Pop A Wheelie

Take advantage of the wheels on your office chair. Push yourself arm’s length from your desk. Keep hold of it, though, and then raise your feet. Now, pull yourself forward until your chest reaches the edge of your desk. Do this at least 20 times for the best results.


There’s more you can do with your wheelie chair. Sit up straight, raise your feet just slightly off the ground so they are hovering and grab your desk. Swivel using your core. Repeat a full cycle 15 times. You may want to up this after a bit, but don’t underestimate how effective it is. It might not hurt at the time, but you could wake up sore tomorrow if you overdo it.


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