Development of Diabetes Testing: From Sense of Taste to Test

Can you imagine Diabetes by testing urine? It is hard to believe, especially considering the current diagnostic techniques.

Millions of people have Diabetes, but even though it’s one of our most devastating diseases, and many people have heard about it, not many know what it is. The name diabetes mellitus has an interesting origin.

Does Your Blood Taste Sweet If You Have Diabetes?

Taste cells exist in the taste buds on the tongue. A taste bud is like an onion-like structure consisting of in the middle of 15 and 95 taste cells.

The word “Mellitus” is a Greek word that means sweet. “Diabetes” is the Greek word for the siphon. At some point, ancient Greeks discovered that when people drank a lot, the liquids almost immediately left their bodies in the form of urine – as if it were siphoned from their bodies.

They also noticed that the urine in these people had a sweet taste. Hence the term “diabetes mellitus” or sweet-flavored liquid siphoned.

Thus, any amount of sweets, when consumed by your tongue, give happiness in your mind, you can eat large quantities of fresh. This is because our tongue is a doctor.

When the doctor calls and requests an alternative medicine name, which comes, we need to provide this amount to our body. As a result, please understand that if we avoid eating sweets, it will cause other diseases in our bodies.

How to Make Your Lips Taste Sweet When Having Diabetes?

The key to preserving an excellent healthy diet is to recognize what goes past your lips.

  1. Modify your diet by consuming about a third of your food in good fats.
  2. Never have pasta, drink a soda by itself, or have plain toast. The general rule is to have a source of protein at each meal or snack; 4 to 1 carbohydrate to protein insulin to do its job correctly.
  3. Re-sensitize your taste buds. Eliminate just one of the trouble foods like cookies, pasta, pieces of bread, cake, and soda from your diet for 21 days at least. Then go back and have a taste.

How Can You Tell the Difference Between Good and Bad Carbohydrates?

When you have diabetes, your body is appropriately unable to use insulin or not able to do enough insulin. Some people with Diabetes have various issues.

Foods that enclose carbohydrates raise blood sugar. Carbohydrates should be regulated when you have Diabetes to help you bring about your blood sugar.

On food labels, the term “carbohydrates” includes sugars, complex carbohydrates, and fiber. In desserts, several ingredients to sweet taste can be added to enhance the sweetness.


Hence, please eat all the sweets that your tongue asks for. If you feel like eating sweets, go ahead and eat one. You enjoy it and want to have another one. No problem. Have another one. On the other hand, the moment you do not possess the taste anymore, stop with that.

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