Did You Know? These Are The Serious Mistakes While Cleaning Glass Tops And Other Glass Interior Items

Cleaning is one of the most rudimentary things everyone must do to keep their surroundings neat and organized. Many homeowners take great pride in their homes. That’s because most save up for years before being able to own one. One of the most crucial parts of the home is its windows. Windows are a big part of the home because they are responsible for lighting in the house during the day, and are also responsible for keeping the air moving inside the house. However, just like everything else, windows get dirty over time.

Due to the surroundings, you’ll find that windows need to be washed after every few weeks. But just like any other sort of cleaning, there is a right and wrong way of doing things. Even though you might be getting the results you wanted, you can end up using a lot more resources and time getting the job done. However, if you do it the right way, you can be sure to spend the minimum possible time doing the cleaning but with even better results. In this article today, we’ll discuss all the mistakes you’ve been doing and show you a better way to clean glass windows and other glassware maybe shower doors, or glass top dining tables in the house to give them a sparkling shine.

Spraying The Cleaning Solution Directly Onto The Surface

Mostly, in the movies we see people washing their windows and spraying directly onto the items made of glass in the house in order to clean it. While it might be a tactic that works, it’s an ineffective one. Most of the cleaning solutions in stores today tend to be quite strong in order to work on some of the stains that are more persistent than the others. However, these solutions are not meant to be used in this way. As per most instructions, this solution needs to be diluted frost to create the solution the way you need it to be. As such the solution can then be used on multiple glass surfaces such as glass tops and tables to give a clean and shiny surface for all to admire.

Lacking The Right Equipment

If any job is to be done right, you need to have the necessary tools for the job, or else you might do some shoddy jobs. The same applies to all glass-related wares. Having the right equipment for the job is crucial when it comes to cleaning glass equipment. You essentially need a bucket, microfiber cloth, squeegee a scrapper, and a sponge. With these things, you can wash your glass furniture without any problems whatsoever. Most people instead of using a microfiber cloth will go for other solutions such as newspapers. Although these papers have the ability to absorb water, they aren’t exactly the best instruments to use. Because of the chemicals, the paper goes through; they become a hazard to the windows. In fact, people should avoid lint-based clothes because instead of fixing the problem, they end up leaving fibers all over the windows. What’s more, the ink used to print the newspapers can stain the windows which beat the whole purpose of cleaning the glassware in the first place.

Failure To Removing The Deposits Before The Clean-Up Process

Before you wash any glass surface such as a glass tabletop, it’s important to first work on the deposits. These are usually the most difficult things to clean because they usually stick to the glass. Here, instead of struggling to wash it off with a sponge, you can first use the scrapper to get rid of the deposits they clean up. If the deposits have been stuck there for a while, consider placing some cleaner on that area and leaving it to sit for a bit. When you come back after a few minutes, the deposits should not give you any grief when you attempt to remove them.

Washing Glass Tops In Sunny Weather

Sometimes we decide that it’s a day to do some general cleaning at home so that we can rest easy. Sometimes we tend to take things outside and clean them from there. When you are dealing with glass-wares, it’s critical to remember that the sun is the enemy during cleaning. When you are cleaning especially with specially formulated cleaning solutions, you’ll find that due to the heat, the solution evaporates even before you are done with everything. That means you are left with lines and sticky messes that just won’t quit. Cleaning in a temperature neutral environment is recommended because you can wash, rinse and dry in your own time.

Cleaning Too Many Wares At The Same Time

Many people don’t know this, but cleaning glassware is a very taxing exercise. Many people, in fact, except it’s going to be simple only to be met with challenges and run out of gas before the entire job is completed. Although some people have the energy, it’s recommended that you do your cleaning in batches, first off start with the interior home items that need the most work. After you clean them, you can then decide whether to take on another batch. It’s better to do the cleaning incrementally and finish the project. If you are going to clean your glass tops, make sure that you have everything you need before you begin the process.

Failure To Read Basic Instructions

Because we have all been cleaning for years, we assume that we know all about cleaning agents and how they work. As such, we don’t usually feel the need to read the labels and find out what component needs to work properly. Companies use a lot of money in research and development. This means that they have found out the best way to use the product. The instructions are usually written clearly for everyone to see. However, because we don’t read the instructions, we can end up using a certain product for the purpose it was meant for. This can lead to messes that you didn’t account for.

Avoid Using Regular Soap Or Detergents

We use soap and detergents for a variety of activities. These include all sorts of washing from clothes to surfaces. However, when we are dealing with glass, it’s important to look at the type of soap you are using. Detergents might look effective for washing glass tables, but once it dries, it leaves a stain if it wasn’t properly dried. If you can, always use specialized soap for glass surfaces. Not only has it been made explicitly for the purpose, but it can also do a better job removing stains and dirt on the surface.

Don’t Use Tissues, Dry Cloth Or Paper Towels

Although the above-mentioned materials are highly absorbent and soft, they have a crude surface that can quickly dust or scratch the glass you are trying to clean. All these materials are composed of fibers that tend to attach themselves to the surface of the glass because of the presence of water.  Tissues and paper towels also tend to break up when they come into contact with a lot of water. When they start to break up, you’ll end up having pieces of said materials all over the house which is another nightmare on its own.

Avoid Cleaning With A Pattern

Unlike stainless steel, glass requires to be washed in a specific way for it to be clean and remain clean without any stains. Most professionals recommend using a circular motion to clean the glass instead of going up and down. When you wash in a circular motion, you are making sure that every part of the class is touched and that stains cannot survive. When you wash it in a circular mention, you also ensure that every part of the glass top is covered and that it’s clean enough. When you clean without following a pattern, the glass doesn’t shine as much.

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