Die-Cut Boxes: The Best Custom Boxes to Choose For Your Product

Die-cut is a famous term you might have heard often. The die-cut machine uses a die to cut through material, whereas the material varies from paper to cardboard and plastic

Die-cut is a famous term you might have heard often. The die-cut machine uses a die to cut through material, whereas the material varies from paper to cardboard and plastic. The machine is provided with numerous lasers based on technology and numerous cut-through-designs. By using this technology one can cut any type of material more than one time. The Die-cut boxes are prepared by a die-cut method due to their diversity of function, as any ripped or torn-off ends might cause trouble in packaging.


Preparation of these boxes: How die-cut works?

The die can either contain sharp knives or blades or it uses the latest laser technology to cut through. The cardboard material is chosen according to the type of product, i.e., paper cardboard for lightweight objects, and multi-layered cardboard material for heavy and delicate products. The cardboard sheets are purchased from the factories and since the only material used in their manufacturing is wood pulp, these sheets are cost-effective. Then these sheets are cut down into the desired shape and design according to the customer demand.

The die can produce crystal clear cuts. The cut-off pieces are joined together to create a whole container through gluing or stapling. You can customize your box in numerous ways i.e., see-through boxes, lid boxes or drawer shape boxes, etc. The next step is the printing of these boxes which is done by using the latest digital or screen-printing. The reason for the selection of this high-quality print is due to the requirement for long-lasting print.

The Die-cut boxes are shipped across long distances and while transferring, the surface paint is susceptible to damage by continuous shifting making it possible that your box loses your brand’s logo even before reaching the customer. The high-tech print keeps your logo fixed at its place and is customer satisfying as the appearance reflects the quality of your product. You can choose any color or style or any shape of the logo for these boxes. Your boxes are ready to go.


Die-cut boxes: Why prefer these shipping containers?

The packaging is a big concern of the shipping industry since most of the products are sold online and countrywide or sometimes international shipping is required. The huge metal or plastic blocks are difficult to carry around as they are so heavy and add additional load to the carrier. These custom packagings are not even favored and preferred by most of the people due to the inability to recycle them. The material of these boxes is not biodegradable in comparison to which the corrugated boxes are eco-friendly and biodegradable. The boxes are extremely light in weight and keep your delicate product secure no matter how many miles it has to cover to reach its destination.


Free of cost promotion: a hardcore reality

If I would say that these boxes can do a free of cost promotion of your brand you might be thinking “am I a fool?” Well, it is a hardcore reality that you can’t deny. The boxes can be printed by using any kind of printing technique or any kind of design. The high-tech digital printing will help to keep your logo fixed at its place. Now if your box goes to a market or your customer’s door, the logo will be visible to every person who is passing by the road or is waiting at the bus stand while your box is just being delivered.

So, you are going to take multi-tasking work from these boxes. These boxes are extremely cheap and you do not need to spend a lot of money as the cardboard material is already budget-friendly and customization can be done while staying within your budget. So, we can say that these boxes are free of cost advertisement tool that will shout out about the values of your brand.


Advertisement tool, how?

The product advertisement market is now at new heights. People don’t just rely upon the good quality of the product but their main concern now is packaging, as appealing packaging can make the head of customers turn around. While a customer enters a store to buy something, there would be rows of the same product from a different brand, so how would he choose? The boxing will attract him first, and thus your packaging becomes the decision-maker if your product is buying worthy or not.

In short, die-cut boxes are built to hold your delicate and fragile product uniquely keeping in mind the safe delivery to your customer. The boxes are designed by professional custom designers to create your custom box and are the best advertisement tool one can have. The unique design and 3D appearance make them more appealing and they give a product a more attractive look. The die-cut method made their availability possible in numerous styles, shapes, and sizes making them ideal packaging for any kind of stuff.

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