Dietary Supplements to Include in Your Nutrition Plan

It is often unnecessary for vitamins to even be taken unless you are immunodeficient or have a distinct lack of vitamins in your ordinary diet; extreme dietary negligence will, of course, lead to nutritional problems that can plague you for your entire life, so when young it is important that you maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle.

You must strive to achieve a routine that you can follow, a routine consisting of sleeping at the same hour for the same length every night, you must eat healthily trying to get vitamins from a diet as opposed to supplements and you must of course exercise.

However, despite this, there are quite a few supplements you can take that will contribute to a healthy diet you can take without being immunodeficient. It is important to establish a distinction between vitamins and supplements. While many supplements may include vitamins, they are entirely separate entities.

Extra Minerals and Vitamins Can Make You Stronger!

Many clinical physicians and health experts have put forward a theory that a consistent intake of extra supplements, containing vitamins and minerals, will undoubtedly benefit your immune system and help to promote a healthy body.

Websites have now been launched to help you achieve your dietary needs, the professionals of cultivate natural remedies to aid you in your supplementary dietary substitutions. There are many services now that specialize in promoting a good diet and healthy lifestyle, and that is one of many.

Although supplements in moderation are quite good and contribute to a healthy immune system, an excessive amount of them can be extremely bad for you which is why it is recommended that you only take the prescribed amount as opposed to freewheeling and taking it sporadically at your own will. A doctor will advise you, and if you are considering taking pills from health shops you should consult him first.

What Can I Take?


Omega-3 or fish oil can be taken orally in a pill from a health store, or you can get it naturally by eating fish such as salmon, cod, and skate. Omega-3 greatly benefits your cardiovascular system and is known for fighting heart disease and its anti-inflammatory properties.

Vitamin C and E

Vitamin C and E supplements can prevent the early stages of vision loss and have successfully been used in trials to reduce the symptoms of Macular Degeneration. If they can be successfully used as treatment late into the stages of the disease, then they will certainly prove beneficial if taken before symptoms even appear.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is often considered a wonder supplement. It can be taken also to reduce the signs of vision loss and is very beneficial for your cardiovascular system, and hearing. Vitamin A is an all-around remedy for many ills, and can also be taken to reduce virulent attacks.

Calcium Supplements

Calcium is another great supplement to take directly. Calcium can keep your bones strong and is known, similar to vitamin D, for fighting the signs of marrow disease. It can be taken as a preventative or a cure.

Is It Safe Taking Many Supplements?

Taking Many Supplements

While a steady multivitamin intake is generally considered to be safe and beneficial, taken in excess as with much in life can be the catalyst for a bad reaction; other chemicals are often included in industrially made vitamins so an allergic reaction is never out of the realm of possibility.

 Mostly, the worst reaction and negative side effect you can get from a supplementary pill would be if you took high doses. Doses far surpass those of the recommendations made by your clinical physician or of the packaging.

 It is also important that if you are going to have surgery notify the clinicians you have taken vitamins as they are known to have a reaction and change the response of anesthesia. They can also interact with other medications in ways that could be detrimental to your health, such as: reducing warfarin’s ability to prevent clotting; speeding the breakdown of medication, and reducing their potency, and they can reduce the potency of cancer-fighting drugs; they can also double the strength of some medication which can mean you are very likely to overdose.

Always Consult a Doctor

Thankfully, there are strict regulations enforced to maintain the strength and purity of these drugs and their compositions. It is very important, however, that if you are going to start taking supplements you have been advised to do so by a doctor or have consulted a doctor as they can prove detrimental to your health and may interact with any medication you currently take or hurt your health if you are suffering from any pre-existing medical conditions.

You should always have your doctor included in such decisions as it is not worth the negative effects, they may pose to your health nor the detrimental side effects, it is always best to air on the side of caution with things of this nature, rather than have to address them in an E.R. Be safe!

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