Differences Between CBD and Marijuana

CBD and marijuana use are becoming increasingly more common across the country, leading to some questions being asked. One of the biggest questions between new consumers revolves around discerning the two products from one another. Many people associate CBD and marijuana as the same product, which is far from the truth. Although CBD and marijuana share some similarities and the same origin, the two products share some stark differences. So what exactly differentiates CBD from marijuana? Let’s take a look.


Legality and Availability

Perhaps the biggest difference between CBD in marijuana is its legality and availability. Under federal law, marijuana is completely illegal. That being said, some states have legalized marijuana for medical purposes, while others have made it possible for consumers to purchase marijuana both medically and recreationally. However, in many states marijuana is still completely unattainable and is still illegal. On the other hand, CBD is federally legal and can be found in just about any state. Due to this, you’ll have a much easier time finding and using CBD products. 


Impaired Motor Skills

When it comes to actually using the product, the biggest difference between the two is the feeling of getting “high”. Marijuana products contain a high amount of THC, something that will impair your motor skills and make you feel high. As a result, you shouldn’t be driving or operating any dangerous machinery after using marijuana products as you are considered to be under the influence. Alternatively, CBD does not have a similar effect. You won’t get a high from CBD, and your motor skills won’t be greatly impaired. If you’re in a legal state and are looking for something to use recreationally, then marijuana is the product you’ll want to use as CBD has little to no recreational value. 



The ailments that CBD and marijuana are used to treat differ slightly as well. While there is some overlap between the two, as both can be used to treat pain and anxiety, but after that their uses veer off onto different paths. CBD has a wide range of uses such as its ability to fight seizures, nausea, and inflammation. On the other hand, marijuana has been used to increase appetite, combat frequent migraines, and lower the frequency of muscle spasms. Marijuana and CBD can both be effective forms of treatment when used correctly, but they are primarily used to help with differing ailments. 


Methods of Intake

Another major difference between CBD and marijuana is the methods that people intake the two. While there is some overlap in the methods of intake with things such as dabs, vapes, and edibles, the primary methods of intake differ. CBD is usually taken from oils and tinctures. Taking CBD in this method is great as there are little to no negative side effects. However, marijuana is primarily consumed by smoking it. The flower is burned, and the vapor is then inhaled by the user. While this can give you an instant high, inhaling smoke frequently can lead to lung problems and other respiratory issues. As a result, the primary method of CBD consumption is much safer. You can buy weed online for recreational purposes.

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