Different Styles In Earrings That You Never Knew Existed

When told to name an accessory that we absolutely cannot do without, the answer that most women will give is most certainly going to be a stylish pair of earrings. Earrings are the accessories that we have loved and been familiar with for the longest period.

Ever since we were little, playing dress-up games, fashioning designer clothes out of our mother’s dupattas, and sporting tiny studs, to the present time, earrings have been our companions. From occasion to occasion, regardless of our age and our outfits, earrings have been there for us.

Now, be that as it may, something that we don’t realize is that no matter how long we have been wearing these ornaments, our knowledge of them is still pretty narrow and limited. How many times in the past years have you browsed through shops, both online and offline, just to end up buying a pair of jhumkas or hoop earrings similar to the ones that are already lying in your jewelry box? Exactly.

So, to help you dive into the world of unique earrings, we have made a list of different styles that we think you should know about:

  • Dangle/ Drop earrings- As the name suggests, these earrings are long, dangle below the earlobe, and usually have postbacks or shepherd lookbacks. Available in the widest array of versatile designs, in contemporary style and ethnic styles, these types of earrings sway graciously with every movement of your head and add to your feminine beauty. You can pair these with lehengas, dresses, shirts and absolutely anything you like. Dangle earrings will surely make valuable additions to your jewelery rack!
  • Chandbali earrings- The term Chandbali, when broken down into two words, ‘chand’ and ‘Bali’, translates to ‘moon earrings’. And as the name suggests, these earrings come in the beautiful crescent shape of the moon, floral patterns oftentimes studded with pearls, minuscule mirrors, colorful artificial diamonds, wired in intricate gold, rose gold, or silver bodies. You will also find these in ultra-modern and smart geometric designs of varying sizes. Put on a pair of long, dazzling chandbalis with a classic white organza collared shirt, a ghagra matching with the earrings and stilettos, and there you have a lovely, out of the box, indo-western outfit!
  • Earcuffs/ Climber earrings- These recent additions to the vast range of already existing trendy ear ornaments emanate elegance and sophistication like no other earrings. They are perfect for important or extravagant functions. Climbers start from the earlobe, and instead of falling downwards, climb upwards along the helix adorning the upper portion of your ear. There are different types available; there are ones with small dangling drops, ones with multiple chains and ones with saharas meant to be fastened to your hair updo. Wearing simple metallic ear cuffs with a formal shirt, trousers or pencil skirt is an outfit you should surely try. 
  • Jacket earrings- Where the embellishments of most earrings sit on the front side of your earlobe, it is quite the opposite in jacket earrings. Here, the main part sits behind your earlobe and adds a spark to the look and sometimes a fun illusion that the ‘jacket’ might be hovering. More often than not, these are stationary, with thread earrings being an exception where a long chain or multiple chains dangle from the back of a gleaming stud. Instead, opt for a spiked pair of jacket earrings with a magnificent red halter-neck dress for a jaw-dropping first date look!
  • Chandelier earrings- As the name implies clearly, these pieces almost always resemble ornate chandeliers in the way they are built, with tiers and ornate crystals and stones. One of the varieties of drop earrings that deserve a separate mention is the sheer number of designs and arrangements available. Be it for a traditional Indian festival, for a lavish gala or even for a casual day out with colleagues or yourself, you will undoubtedly manage to find one suitable for the occasion.

Not only do these earrings lift the entire look spectacularly but also accentuate and compliment our most favorite features, our hair, and our jawline, in the most charming way possible.

They have helped us in the journey to finding our personal style and will still help us improve further by giving us ample opportunities to experiment with our ensembles to our heart’s content. 

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