Digital Solutions for Sourcing Top-Rated Real Estate Agents

We all know just how stressful selling your home can be, especially trying to find a real estate agent who sells properties promptly, rather than randomly picking a real estate agent and hoping for the best, you can view essential information on all the real estate agents that operate in your area. Simply search online for a real estate agent-finding service, which is free to the homeowner, and you are in a position to source, compare, and connect with an agent that is registered with the service provider.

How Does an Agent-Finding Service Work?

The provider has a network that stretches across Australia, and most real estate agents are registered, when you enter the postal address of your property, you will receive a list of real estate agents that service your region. The local estate agent-finder keeps updated records of each agent’s performance, which you can access with the click of a mouse, you get to see the agent’s commission rates, which is important.

Essential Information

When looking at real estate agents, you can view the following information:

  • The current number of listings.
  • The average price of units sold.
  • The average number of days a unit is on the market until sold.
  • Rate of commission.

This is the kind of information that makes choosing an agent a simple process, and if you would like to see more agents, click on ‘see more at the bottom of the page, and a long list will appear.

Search, Compare & Connect

The process is straightforward; search using the property address, enter a few property details and you will receive a list of real estate agents that cover the area. Alongside the agent’s name, you will see relevant performance data that helps you to compare with other agents, along with their rate of commission. You contact the agents you choose and ignore the rest, and you can continue your communication with multiple agents via the web portal, allowing you to keep abreast of things. If you are planning to buy real estate for your retirement, here is a useful article.

Free Service to the Homeowner

As the real estate agent pays the agent-finder a small commission, the service is completely free to the homeowner, which enables you to compare agents at will and contact those you wish to deal with using the same platform. The agent-finder lists genuine client reviews, which does help to build up a picture, plus the site also informs you of industry awards won by agents, which is a good indication of what to expect.

Virtual Property Inspections

Some agents are using virtual property inspections, which allows the viewer to experience every room and that can be of great help when shortlisting properties to physically view, and if an agent uses virtual inspections, this information will be visible. This is a very attractive feature to have from a real estate agent’s perspective and those who are already using this technology would usually be the market leaders, and you will know who is taking advantage of virtual property inspections.

Client Reviews

Every customer is invited to comment on the service the agent provided, and the agent-finder has all of these, which is a great way to ensure you have the right agent for the job. If, for example, reviews mention a lack of contact or a long period on the market, you can take this into account when making your choice.

Industry Awards

Aside from the performance data, if an agent was the recipient of any real estate awards, you will see these next to their name. We all know that award-winning companies offer great service and this is invaluable when looking for the best agent to sell your property, as this is a standard that represents the best in the industry. Here is some government information on buying and selling property, which gives you important tax information.

Dealing with Multiple Real Estate Agents

The agent-finder’s website is ideal for choosing multiple agents to sell your property, and what’s more, you can keep in touch with all of the agents via a single web portal, eliminating the need to make multiple phone calls to find out what’s happening. If, for example, you are trying to sell your home quickly, you could source the 3 best agents in the area and have them all list the property, plus when you log in, you can communicate with every agent from the same platform.

Life is full of stress and if you are looking to put your property on the market, make good use of the free agent-finding service that can be found with a Google search. Within a very short time, you can choose the best agent and set the ball rolling in what should be a quick sale.

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