Discover Vietnam in Full Detail

One of the most thrilling South Asian Countries that you can always love to spend your holidays in is Vietnam country. With plenty of beaches, public recreational centers, and lots of hotels, you can feel at home away from home. As you embark on trips from one place to another, you get a chance to discover cities and recreational places at a very close range. You enjoy destinations, meet new people, and ensure you become a real traveler at all times. Below are some of the places worth touring especially if you want an excellent experience in Vietnam.

Vietnam Full Details

Ho Chi Minh City

A colorful modern city covered by skyscrapers that give the city a noble look. From afar, you can see the prominent landmarks that make the city stand out. Filled with upscale bars, restaurants, and some of the most prestigious hotels, you can truly not miss your home. Notre Dame Cathedral, war remnants museums, and open-air markets are some of the treasures you can enjoy while in this city. Vietnam has invested a lot in this city to make it a true tourist attraction for all people.

Ho Chi Minh City
Ho Chi Minh City

Ha Long Bay

Have you ever seen Limestone Islands? Well, this is the best place to be because the protrusions of limestones on blue calm waters make the place truly adorable. You can enjoy a boat ride with one of the locals so that you enjoy an excellent time exploring the rare spots of Vietnam. There are even floating villages so you can also alight from your boat and interact with people. Cafes are available so you can grab a cup of coffee as you enjoy your aquatic adventures.

Ha Long Bay
Panorama of Halon Bay, Vietnam in a summer day


One of the most phenomenal spots of Vietnam where the neoclassical Hanoi Opera House. It looks like water everywhere but it has been built with a lot of treasures to make tourists enjoy a wonderful time. Bach Ma Temple, Dong Xuan Market, and opera house are located here so you can truly enjoy an excellent outcome at all times. There is even a trip from Hanoi to Ninh Binh.

Hanoi, Vietnam

Hoi An

This is a historic city that has been here for centuries and it is known to contain ancient architectural designs that you can always watch to be entertained. You also have a chance to enjoy a boat ride because it contains many length rivers. Museums are also available and you will enjoy excellent recreational activities on beaches and other public places. Local food and drinks are plenty so you can check into any restaurant or café and enjoy yourself.

Hoi An, Vietnam


If you would like to discover lots of things about Vietnam, make sure you visit the places after proper planning. Depending on the needs of your trip, you need to make sure you select relevant places to visit. Sometimes you need specialized transport for example when you want to tour water bodies like rivers, you will need a boat to discover Vietnam. Vietnam is truly perfect to enjoy all your holidays. You will never miss anything new to do because it is filled with the best amenities.

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