Discovering the Best Spots on the Monopoly Board

While every property on the Monopoly board has its charm, certain spots stand out as the best, offering a blend of value and potential fortune. In this article, let’s explore the three best places on the Monopoly board that will turn you into a property tycoon in no time.


Mayfair stands as the epitome of exclusivity. Acquiring this property puts you in control of the highest-rent district on the board, making it a strategic masterpiece. The allure of Mayfair lies not only in its high rent but also in the prestige it brings.

Hotels on Mayfair can quickly drain the resources of any player unfortunate enough to land on this prime property. Acquiring both Mayfair and Park Lane forms a powerful duo that dominates the higher-rent districts. It doesn’t matter if you are playing standard Monopoly or Monopoly Live, the blue properties are always the highest valued and have the highest multipliers.

On the Monopoly Live board, the Mayfair and the blue properties have 10x multipliers. The key difference between classic Monopoly and Monopoly Live is the former is played on a spinning wheel.

Park Lane

Park Lane is another jewel in Monopoly’s crown. Similar to its counterpart, Park Lane is all about glamor. Its adjacency to Mayfair makes it a formidable combination, creating a high-rent district that can swiftly turn the tide of the game.

Hotels on Park Lane and Mayfair create a strategic monopoly that maximizes rent and potential bankruptcies. Remember to invest in the blue color properties early on in the game.


The four railroad spaces are strategically valuable assets on the Monopoly board. Acquiring these railroads offers a consistent income stream, making them a smart investment throughout the game. While individually, they may not command the highest rents, their collective strength and strategic placement make them an essential part of any winning Monopoly strategy.

Owning all four railroads maximizes rent and provides a steady income regardless of your opponents’ strategies. Railroads offer a strategic advantage in the mid-game when properties are being traded. The railroad strategy is adaptable and allows you to keep earning rent throughout the game.

St. James Place

St. James Place stands as a regal retreat with a blend of sophistication, culture, and strategic significance. St. James’s is renowned for its historical landmarks, exclusive clubs, and elegant streets. A stroll through this district unveils iconic sites such as the Royal Academy of Arts and the tranquil Green Park.

St. James Place is affordable yet still can be developed. You can use this place on the board to conduct a bit of gentrification. Acquiring St. James Place early in the game allows you to establish a foothold in the mid-tier rent districts without draining resources. St. James Place serves as a valuable bargaining chip in property negotiations.

St. James Place

If you want to blow away your family or friends the next time you play Monopoly, stick to Mayfair and Park Lane and throw two big hotels on them, the powerful duo will almost certainly secure you victory. So, roll the dice and explore the amazing places that Monopoly has to offer, but stick to the blue properties if you want to win!

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