Display Freezer Buyers Guide, Things You Must Know Before You Make That Purchase

Display freezer is simply another name for those commercial fridges and freezers with glass doors. They are those you see in the stores displaying the items being refrigerated. Mostly you will find them in bakeries, restaurants, and bars. This is to show off to their customers what they can get.

If you own a food business, then you must invest in display freezers to boost your sales. Durability, efficiency, and precision temperatures are just but some of the important factors you should check while shopping around. You also want to check the storage capacities.

Apart from commercial freezers, you can also get commercial fridges. You can get them both in upright or under-counter designs. They also both have a common feature; the full-length glass door. Under-counter freezers and fridges feature a single door while upright fridges and freezers come in single, double, or even triple door styles.

They all come in different storage capacities to ensure they both fit each business as needed. Another common type is the wall site freezer. These are common in large shops like supermarkets. Usually, all fridges’ temperatures will range from -1 degrees Celsius to 10 degrees Celsius while freezers will range from -10 to -25 degrees Celsius.

Sizes And Capacities

The bigger the unit, the higher the potential for more space and storage capacity. Whatever you choose would entirely depend on your needs. Whether you choose upright freezers or under-counter cabinets, it should all fit your needs. Here are some of the things to consider:

  • Before buying the display freezer or fridge, you first want to assess your requirements. if it is a bar you own, how much space would you need? How big is your bar? What would you prefer? These are some of the questions you should be asking yourself.
  • Space is also an important factor. Regardless of what you need or want, you have to make sure that you have enough space for whatever size fridge you get. It is important to measure the space you have and be accurate about it too. Make sure to take into account access issues and airflow.
  • The different types of freezers and fridges are also accountable as far as sizes. Different types, designs, and models come with different measurements. They also come in different shapes so you have to consider which one of these features you prefer and would fit the space intended.

Other Important Factors To Put Into Consideration

Apart from Size and Capacities, there are more important factors you want to consider. They include:

  • The shelves and cabinets you want are also important to note. This is also kind of related to size and capacity. How many shelves do you want? The larger the unit would obviously translate to more shelves. You also want to make sure that the shelves are adjustable for maximum convenience and efficiency.
  • Another thing to take into consideration is how you are going to position and place the display freezer and fridges. The ‘glass door’ fact about glass door refrigeration is to place it at the most exposed place for display, to let the customer in on what to expect.
  • Cooling and defrosting. Different units can operate with different cooling and defrost types. In Static cooling, the circulation of cold air occurs naturally in the cabinet. Fan-assisted cooling is the use of fans to evenly distribute the cold air throughout the cabinet.

Different kinds of defrost include manual and automatic. Just like the name suggests, a manual is a hands-on process; you empty the fridge, switch it off, and remove ice by hand. Automatic is the use of electric elements to heat any build-up ice, the water is then collected into a condensate tray and evaporated by the heat produced.

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