Ditch The Body Wash And Stick With Bar Soap

You’ve most likely heard your friends rave about their moisturizing body washes, covering them in a luscious lather, and the overall rich shower and bathing experience. It might even be safe enough to guess that you’ve given it a try yourself and thoroughly enjoyed it.

However, while we don’t deny that using body washes and liquid shower gels do feel amazing, it seems people forget that there are some negative impacts behind them. And before you call us crazy and sign off, here’s our take on why going with bar soaps over body washes can be the better option after all.


#1 It’s Less Abrasive

Yes, you read that correctly; using bar soaps is generally less abrasive than there liquid and gel counterparts. Whereas regular bar soaps, you use them as-is, body washes are almost always accompanied by loofahs and washcloths. What’s worse is that these loofahs can be home to bacteria if not taken care of properly, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

On a side note, to all the people who say bar soap dries out your skin, we’ve already gone past that! Nowadays, there are plenty of choices that offer just as good moisturizing properties and work well with sensitive skin.


#2 It’s More Convenient

Still, somewhat connected to the first point, bar soaps are more convenient to use than body washes. All you need are your hands, and you’re pretty much set and ready to get on cleaning. And it also means you won’t have to keep a washcloth around.

Plus, it’s tough to overuse a bar soap. They don’t function like your regular body washes where you could overestimate the number of pumps you need for a good wash. As a result, you get much more value out a simple bar soap for nearly the same experience.


#3 It’s Eco-friendly

If you want to make the more sustainable option, then going with bar soaps is the more eco-friendly route. They require much less energy and water to make, which means you’re cutting down on your carbon footprint even it means by a smaller bit. And we all know that it’s the little things that add up long-term.

Plus, the packaging is another concern. Bar soaps only use paper and cardboard, which are easily biodegradable and recyclable. On the other hand, body washes come in plastic bottles, and if not disposed of correctly, it will only contribute to the growing plastic problem.


#4 It’s Inexpensive

Lastly, bar soaps are very inexpensive, and even when you account for the branded soaps at higher prices, they don’t even come close to the costs of many different body washes available in the market. So body soaps are the better choice budget-wise as well if you’re trying to cut back on your spending.

On top of that, bar soaps have withstood the test of time and have long been used in the history of bath time. They’ve gone through numerous research tests and have proven their effectiveness over the years.


Make the Smarter Choice

Now, we’re not saying that all body washes are evil products, but we can’t deny that there are stark benefits and positive impacts by using your ordinary bar soap. So next time you go out to choose a body cleanser, think twice and make the smarter choice.

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