DIY Garage Door Alignment Tips for Beginners

An uneven garage door carries a danger sign 24/7. For instance, it shuts down quicker than before, creating a hazard for kids, pets, and the elderly.

However, the alignment of your garage door is not very difficult until or unless you are willing to do or prefers the best team of garage door repair expert in Portland. It is all up to you. Be the DIY guy/girl or let the experts do the job while you enjoy the sunset.

Note: If you are a beginner, expert help is recommended.

We have aligned the 5 easiest DIY tips for garage door alignment that any beginner can execute.

1. Test the garage door

Before getting into the severe part of repairing, identify the problem. Test your garage door and its management.

You need to identify where the door stays suspended once you let it go by moving it up and down.

If that point is less than three feet off the ground or more than four feet above the ground, then balancing your garage door should be a priority.

2. Brace the open door

The next move is to take the pressure off the springs of the garage door. To do so, place a ladder in between the half-open door and leave it be. It will diminish the pressure that is created on the springs of the door.

The ladder also helps to keep the accidental shut of the door aside. You will be able to work while the door stays half-open.

3. Spring Movement along the track hanger

Now that springs are free of tension (it won’t cause any injury) it’s time to work on it.

  • Remove the springs from the hanger
  • Move the spring to the next higher area on the hanger only if, the door is shutting too quickly
  • Move it to the next lower area if it is opening too quickly
  • Make sure to adjust the springs on both sides evenly in the same direction
  • Now, retest the balance of the door as done in the very first step (test the garage door)

In this way, you will be able to figure out if the springs were the reason behind the unaligned garage door or not.

4. Closing check

After changing the positions of your springs on the bracket, you need to do a close check.

Close the garage door and check if both sides are evenly landing on the ground or not. If yes, your problem is solved.

If not, adjust the spring tension again on each side of the door. Repeat the procedure until it is aligned.

5. Work on the lift cable

Another way to adjust your garage door alignment is to work on the lifting cable instead of springs.

The cable runs to an S-hook that is attached to the track support. When the door is propped open, take the S-hook out and adjust the cables as needed (Tighten or loosen). Place the S-hook back to its position.

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