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Being arrested for a DUI can be a distressing experience.  You may not understand the process of the DUI law and the steps that need to be taken in order to minimize any negative impact.  If you have been arrested for a DUI in Arizona, visit immediately to acquire a free consultation and speak to a criminal attorney to advise you of your rights and next steps.

DUI in Arizona

If you are stopped by a police officer in Arizona for a DUI offense, do not panic and assume that you are going to jail.  It is important that you understand your rights, gaining expert legal help if you are placed in this situation, and understanding the specific Arizona laws applicable to you.  This then helps to ensure that you are able to help yourself in your specific situation.  There are many different Arizona DUI charges which may be used, including DUI impaired to the slightest degree, DUI 0.08 percent BAC or greater, DUI 0.15 percent BAC or greater, and DUI 0.20 percent BAC or greater.  There is also a Drug DUI, an Underage DUI, and a commercial driver DUI of 0.04 percent BAC or greater. 

Finally, you may be charged with an Aggravated Felony DUI under a revoked or suspended driver’s license, an Aggravated Felony DUI consisting of a third DUI across a timespan of 84 months, or an Aggravated Felony DUI, which involves a passenger aged under 15 years old.  Additional factors to consider include the fact that if your blood alcohol concentration level is 0.08 percent or higher within two hours of your physical contact with a vehicle, you may be charged.  You do not have to be driving at the time.  Furthermore, in addition to alcohol, illegal drugs can also cause a DUI in Arizona, as well as some prescription drugs, although this would be a mitigating factor.

Arizona DUI

In Arizona, a DUI charge may involve criminal penalties such as ten consecutive days in jail and fines of $250 or more.  Additional assessment costs of $500 may also be applicable in addition to community service, alcohol and drug screening, education, and treatment.  You may also be subjected to the installation of an ignition interlock device in your vehicle for at least 12 months.  If you are charged with an aggravating DUI, jail time and fines will be greater.

The expert attorneys at can provide you with perfect guidance and clear steps at every stage of the process.  A free consultation is available by contacting the DUI criminal attorneys.  Some great advice to abide by if you are stopped by a police officer, however, is to firstly be respectful and polite to the officers, showing the officers your license willingly.

However, you are not obliged to inform the officers at this stage if you have been drinking alcohol or if you have consumed drugs at this stage.  Willingly submit your driving license, your vehicle registration, and your insurance details to the officers, acting courteously at all times.  These documents should be easily accessible and should be kept in a convenient location such as your glove box.  At all other times, keep both of your hands on the steering wheel.  If you are subsequently accused of a DUI in Arizona, do not admit to any actions or consent to the officers videotaping you.  Do not consent to eye tests or coordination tests at the roadside, either.

Furthermore, it is advisable not to take a breath test at the side of the road, calmly informing the officers that you would like to speak to your attorney first before any tests are taken and before you consent to anything.  Simply call DM Cantor at 602-307-0808.  Of course, the best advice is to ensure that you are not in this situation in the first place, making sure that you do not drive if you have been drinking any alcohol, and to ensure that you do not drive if you are in any way impaired.

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