How to Differentiate Temporary and Casual Staff In Regard To Temp Jobs Toronto

There are certain seasons where businesses, such as those in the entertainment industry, get a surge in service demand and that necessitates temp jobs in Toronto to rise. However, this demand is often not consistent and happens at specific times that are considered peak. It becomes expensive to employ many permanent staff during the peak season and can make a business operate at a loss.

To avoid the inconvenience, such businesses opt for casual or temporary workers. However, some do not understand the difference between the two, which causes unintended misunderstandings later. So, what is the difference between these two terms in terms of temp jobs Toronto? Here at Team Global, we compiled everything you need to know. Take a peek.

1- Defining a Casual Employee

Although you will come across many definitions for this term, let us focus on the most relevant. A casual employee:

  • Has no contact with the employer about the number of hours they are given to work
  • Has irregular working hours
  • Has no accrual for sick or annual leaves
  • Does not need to issue a notice to end the employment

There are some instances in which a casual worker can become eligible for casual conversion. Such instances include when he/she works in your company for 12 months consistently in a company for a specific number of hours.

If you do not want to keep training new employees, hiring the same casual staff on a repetitive basis can save you the burden.

2- Defining a Temporary Employee

These are also referred to as temp or seasonal workers. A company hires them through a third party, such as a temp job agency, for a contracted period. Like the casual staff, these are not eligible for employee benefits such as Medicare, sick leaves, and other allowances.

For clarity purposes, temp employees do not have contracts with their places of assignment but with the job agency that sends them to assignments. Therefore, if they have any grievances, they report to the agency, which negotiates on their behalf.

Businesses that opt for temp workers do so because they can get skilled labor on short notice. Since these workers are often fresh graduates and freelancers, they are enthusiastic about the temp jobs in Toronto and deliver within short notice of the placement process.

3- How different are Casual Workers from Temp Staff?

The main difference is how they get employed. For casual workers, you are responsible for personally recruiting them into your business. You do not have to do the task necessarily, but any member such as your human resources personnel does the hiring.

For temp employees, you do not participate in the selection process. A third party is involved and brings you candidates ready to start working.

The downside of hiring casual employees is that they can work for a single shift leave without notice and never come back.

4- Is it Advisable to Take a Temp Job when looking for a Permanent Placement?

A permanent job has its perks, which mostly attract job seekers. On the other hand, temp jobs in Toronto have no such benefits, making them slippery and risky when you rely solely on them for your income. However, there are a few reasons you can consider taking them as you continually search for a permanent job:

   a- To Avoid a Gap in Your Resume

Most employers are keen on what you have been doing in the past. A gap in your resume can be bad news for you. To avoid having it, you can consider taking temp jobs in Toronto with a job agency because you cannot be sure how long it will take you to find a permanent position.

   b- It Can Lead to Permanent Placement

Some companies prefer temp-permanent employment. It is their way of looking for suitable candidates for their organization to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Therefore, it is advisable to take such positions and while at them, give them your best because it can be a chance to land a permanent job. After all, you will not need to look further for a job elsewhere, and you can happily settle in the company.

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