Do It Yourself: 5 Custom Denim Jacket Ideas You Need to Try

The denim jacket is a classic look and one that is unlikely to go out of fashion any time soon. It can be dressed down, dressed up, paired with a summer dress, or rocked as a double denim ensemble… the possibilities are endless.

But what if you’re looking to do something more original with your denim jacket? For those looking to stand out from the crowd, a custom denim jacket is just what you need. What’s more, this is a great way to express your personality through your outfit.

If you’re ready to unleash your creativity, keep reading for five great ways to customize your denim jacket.

1. Add Badges

Your first option, which is a simple way to create a bold statement, is to add badges to your jacket. Play with colors, shapes, and sizes, to let your jacket do the talking.

This is a great choice for those who are less creatively gifted, and badges can easily be added, removed, swapped, or rearranged. Keep an eye out for badges featuring your favorite singer, a funny catchphrase, or from organizations close to your heart.

2. Embroider Your Jacket

Embroidering your jacket is certainly a little more technically challenging than adding badges, but the results are well worth it. The back of the jacket is a favorite spot for embroidery thanks to the large space available, and also because of the shock factor when you turn around, and the customization is revealed.

Whether you want to embroider a phrase, your name, or a pattern, or even make your jacket 3D with sequins and ribbons is entirely up to you!

3. Add a Patch

Our next tip is to decorate your denim jacket with patches. This iconic look from the 1970s has been given a reboot and is a great way to personalize your jacket.

Patches can be worn as stand-alone embellishments to your jacket, or used in combination with others. Why not find a custom patch provider to get a truly unique patch or one that is meaningful to you.

By the way, Vivipins is one of the quality custom patch makers that can help you out making your own patch to customize your denim.

4. Paint Your Jacket

An amazing way to express your creativity and liven up your jacket is with paint. A painted denim jacket will certainly make you stand out, and there are many ways this look can be achieved.

Why not try the splattered paint effect, layering different colors for a carefree look? Or, for those with a more refined and delicate taste, use a stencil and paint to copy a beautiful image onto your jacket.

5. Fray the Edges

Our last suggestion is to embrace the distressed denim look and get fraying. As well as fraying the ends of your sleeves, or around the waistband, you could also try cutting into and fraying the back of the jacket. This works as a great way to reveal what you’re wearing underneath.

We especially love the frayed look on a black denim jacket!

Now You Can Create an Amazing Custom Denim Jacket

From adding patches to badges to embroidery… we’ve now covered five top methods to create your own custom denim jacket. Which one will you choose to make a fashion statement?

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  1. Wow-what great DIY ideas for a denim jacket. the point on 4 I think I should try that because I need to do it thanks for the wonderful idea. keep going on, such a great article.

  2. It is a very good idea for DIY. we should try this because we face the same problem with outfits. We should have to express the lifestyle in an excellent manner and this article makes difference in life. thanks for this keep it up.

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