Do Solar Panels Increase the Value of Your Home? A Complete Guide

There are many reasons to go solar, but do solar panels increase the value of your home? This complete guide explains how solar panels affect property values.

When you’re trying to add some pizzazz to your house, along with energy efficiency, installing a set of solar panels is a no-brainer. These panels are the next evolution of energy that you’ll start to see more of as time progresses.

But do solar panels increase the value of your home? Below we’ll dive into this answer, along with solar panel savings and other benefits of solar panels.

Do Solar Panels Increase the Value of Your Home?

Simply put, solar panels add both short-term and long-term value to your home.

According to the Office Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, the presence of solar panels adds at least $15,000 to the sales price. It immediately ups the price because these panels make the home more modern and attractive.

Aside from this bump in sales price, the home is likely to grow in equity as well. This gives you refinance options and makes your home investment.

What Are Other Benefits of Solar Panels and Reasons to Go Solar?


So home value aside, what are some of the benefits of investing in new panels for your house? These advantages are plentiful, so start with the following:

  1. The Cut You Off From Municipal Ties

When you’re tied in with your local or statewide electric company, this means that you’re also subject to every price hike that comes with it. These municipal electrical companies raise the prices due to market conditions and to turn a profit.

You’ll see your electrical bills increase due to tax and tariff increases as well.

Conversely, when your house is powered by solar, you don’t have to worry about these sorts of price hikes. In fact, you won’t be tied to a municipal bill at all. This buys you some autonomy and control over your finances like nothing else.


  1. Solar Energy is Sustainable and Clean

Without question, solar is among the cleanest energy sources that you can use. Not only is it 100% clean, but it’s also not linked to dwindling resources.

Sunshine is available in abundance, and these panels will work as long as the sun is shining. Compare this to the oil industry, which is on its last legs as a viable energy resource. While this phasing out could still take several years, it always makes sense to upgrade your home so that you’re using the newest and cleanest technology.

You’ll take pride in the fact that your house is sustainable and that you’re not contributing to pollution.


  1. You Can Keep Your Power During Outages

Using solar energy is flat-out convenient. While everyone in your neighborhood or city is experiencing a power outage after a hurricane or winter storm, you’ll be sitting pretty knowing that your power is still intact.

Not only do these panels use sunlight and convert it to electricity, but it stores the energy as well so you have it for a cloudy day. Since a lot of people today are working from home, you’ll definitely need to double down and make sure your electricity and internet stay up.


  1. It’ll Save You Money For Years to Come

When you install solar panels you effectively get rid of an electric bill. Imagine the cost savings that you’ll experience over the years when your electricity is off the grid.

This frees up money for savings, family vacations, and investments that you can be making. It will also make you realize just how wasteful other forms of energy are. This can prompt you to make other sustainable upgrades throughout your life.


  1. The Panels Strengthen Your Assets and Portfolio

Never forget that your house is not just a home — it’s an investment.

This is often the biggest asset that people have, so you need to take care of it as such. When you improve your property values it helps you to have a stronger and longer-lasting portfolio. You’ll appreciate the equity as you grow your net worth.


  1. You Can Take Advantage of a Tax Credit

Installing brand new solar panels can also open you up to a tax credit that gives you some money back.

The Federal government rewards people for moving toward clean energy in the form of a hefty tax break that helps you keep more money in your pocket. Check tax laws each year to find out what percentage you can write off in the form of a deduction.


  1. The Energy is Abundant and Highly Available

While oil and natural gas will keep experiencing ebbs and flows, no one questions whether the sun is going to show up the next day. This is the kind of reliability you’ll get when you switch to solar power.

It cuts out the middle man and allows you to enjoy natural energy in your home without any politics involved. Sunshine is available in abundance, doesn’t cost you anything, and doesn’t hurt anyone in the process.

With all of this in mind, you might be asking, how can I find the best solar near me? There are lots of professionals today that can install solar panels for you, so start scheduling meetings to find out more.


Look Into Getting Some Brand New Solar Panels

Now that you have an answer to the pressing question, “Do solar panels increase the value of your home?”, you can start to figure out whether this is an investment you’d like to make.

Your next step is to link up with a professional that can help you further. Check back for more info on real estate, fashion, beauty, travel, and more!

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  1. Your explanation about the money you can save in the future while operating solar panels was really interesting to read. Since we don’t plan to move from our current house at all, I can see this investment working out for us in the future since we live in a very sunny part of the country. I’ll take your word for it and start looking for a solar energy service I can hire so I can get some panels installed.

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