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Most experts would agree that communication is a crucial aspect of an organization. Poor communication between teams and employees ultimately affects an organization. Also, a business should be able to communicate with its customers and clients to resolve queries, answer questions, and market its product.

Because of the growing need for communication in a business, a VoIP system becomes a necessity in the office. Most small businesses will find that investing in a traditional phone system drains their financial resources. A VoIP phone system, on the other hand, is not only economical but can be integrated with existing phone lines.

There are many VoIP service providers in the market, but they cater to different niches. Most of these provide services to enterprises and large companies. There are very few VoIP service providers out there that offer services for small companies and home offices. AxVoice is one of them.

AxVoice – The best VoIP for small businesses

AxVoice is the best VoIP service provider for small businesses, small offices, and home offices (SOHO). AxVoice offers hosted PBX for small businesses, which means that there is no additional hardware required. For small businesses, this saves costs. In addition to this, you get more features when compared with a traditional phone line. AxVoice provides SIP Trunking services for your hosted PBX so that you can also make calls outside the office.

A hosted PBX allows you to upscale your communication system, as your business grows, without requiring any additional hardware. With a hosted PBX, you get more functionality than an IP PBX. Moreover, users of AxVoice can access information such as call logs from their accounts.


The features offered by AxVoice can be divided into 4 parts:

Outbound Call Features

AxVoice offers extensive outbound call features. Features such as three-way calling are practical for team meetings. Other features for outbound calls such as caller ID blocking and international call blocking ensure that time is not wasted in attending irrelevant calls. The Music on Hold feature keeps your caller engaged while you are on another call. Users can port their existing number to their AxVoice account, too.

One of the main issues that VoIP services face is poor voice quality because of a bad internet connection. Due to this, many people prefer to stick with traditional phone systems. But AxVoice has offset this issue by allowing the communication channel to switch to a low bandwidth codec. This ensures that the connection is not lost. The codecs that AxVoice uses include GSM, G.729, G.711u, and G.711a.

Since VoIP services bypass Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN), you cannot make a call to 911 in case of an emergency. But with AxVoice, you have Enhanced 911 or E911 available to you. By calling 911, your number and location are shared with the authorities. When you make local calls with AxVoice, you don’t have to dial the area or the country code. You only dial the 7-digit number for making calls in your region.

Incoming Call Features

Incoming call features allow you to handle incoming calls efficiently. If you want to block a number, simply add them to the blacklist.

You can also view details regarding the incoming caller ID. Apart from this, you can be on two lines at once while one caller waits. Using the do not disturb feature, you can also redirect calls to a voicemail during off hours. With the simultaneous ring features, you can have up to 3 phones ring at the same time. This way you can receive calls in the office and home, ensuring that you don’t ever miss a call.

Call Forwarding Features

The call forwarding feature guarantees that users never miss a call. The find me follow me feature has a list of pre-specified numbers that routes the call to several numbers until you pick up. You can add up to 3 numbers for sequential call forwarding. Moreover, AxVoice takes care when there is a power outage, and the caller is unable to get to you. The failover feature forwards the call to another number in the case of a power failure.

Advanced Features

The advanced features allow users to view call logs and receive voicemails directly to their email accounts. With AxVoice, you don’t have to be restricted to your office. You can view the notification on the go. Another advantage of AxVoice is that you don’t have to make additional payments for calls to another AxVoice number.

If you prefer your mobile phone for making calls, you can still use AxVoice. AxVoice provides softphone support as well. A softphone is an application that allows you to avail of the features offered by AxVoice on your smartphone. AxVoice does not offer its app. However, you can download a third-party app and integrate it with AxVoice. There are no additional charges for using softphone support.

Switching over to a new VoIP service provider can seem complicated, but not with AxVoice. The existing hardware in your office is integrated with our services. Using an adapter provided by AxVoice, connect your phone to the internet and avail of the services. The phone adapter is free of cost and comes with a subscription plan.

Subscription Plans

AxVoice offers subscription plans for small businesses with hosted PBX and small business VoIP plans. The details of these plans are given as follows:

Small Business with hosted PBX plan

This subscription plan makes use of virtual phone systems (also known as hosted PBX) and does not require any additional hardware. This is the perfect plan for small businesses that want to save costs on a VoIP system. Another advantage of this subscription plan is that, as your businesses grow, you can add more lines. This subscription plan is priced at $14.99 per month. With 200 outgoing minutes available, users can make calls anywhere in the US and Canada on landlines and mobile phones.

Small Business VoIP plan

This subscription plan caters to small to medium-sized businesses. Included in this plan are 1500 outgoing minutes, free in-network calling, and all the features mentioned above. For this subscription plan, there are two pricing:

  • One Month: $39.99 per month
  • Flexible Yearly Plan: $29.99 per month

It goes without saying that with AxVoice you can make calls to anywhere in the U.S. and Canada.

What do you need for installing AxVoice in your office?

Similar to most VoIP service providers, to get the best out of AxVoice, you need to have a high-speed internet connection. Apart from this, you will also need an Ethernet port to connect your phone adapter to the internet. This way, you can make phone calls and use the internet simultaneously. You also need a desk phone to connect to the phone adapter.

With AxVoice, your business can access unique features while making it easy for you to switch to VoIP services. A VoIP system offers mobility and convenience to its users. Moreover, switching to AxVoice does not require a lot of hardware and doesn’t cost much. The services offered are economical, and the features are practical. If you are a small business owner, it’s about time that you switch over to VoIP service.

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