Do You Shop Online? 4 Tips for You!

Part of my job as an image consultant is helping those who come to me in online shopping. I put my expertise and my experience at the service of those who would like to make their purchases from the comfort of their home computer or, sitting / on the sofa in the evening, using the phone or tablet, but cannot understand each other with types, sizes, colors, fit, styles.

On models, all the clothes and accessories look perfect, but on you? How will they be?

Will they be suitable to enhance you and accompany you in your everyday life?

I understand that you may still have some doubts when buying say sexy rompers for women: it’s true, in the store you can try what strikes you, buying online, even if you take your measurements and compare them with those of the wearer and the garment, you are left with the uncertainty of final effect on you.

Visualizing the dress in action, in your daily life, is a really important thing.

For this reason, when I help my customers remotely in online shopping, I not only suggest and indicate what to buy but also above all how to combine purchases with other items (to buy or that are already present in the wardrobe that I have viewed live or through sharing photos) and I prepare a training document to consult so as not to make mistakes in shopping.

This is because my goal with image consultancy is always to make people autonomous and able to write their own story in images even by themselves, once the work with me is finished.

But you, how can you become your shopper?

In this post, I want to teach you how to do it. I found a survey conducted on a sample of 1000 consumers very interesting to learn more about the habits and preferences of Americans regarding online purchases. And I’d like to retrace it with you, giving you my advice on the data that emerged. Shopping online can be confusing. There is too much, there is everything and the first obstacle to overcome is precisely the difficulty in not losing orientation. Reading some reviews like Jurllyshe reviews can help you a lot.

This is why we often ask someone expert (the image consultant but also the geek friend) to look for us. 93% of people said they also buy for other people because they are less familiar with online shopping, and 83% of people like to receive suggestions and advice on products similar to those they are buying.


It is right that 73% of people should think about it before buying, and this reasoning will allow you to improve your shopping experience and become your shopper. Do for yourself what I do for my clients. Before starting to search the web for proposals for the most suitable garments for the person who contacted me, I invest some time in a careful analysis of the subject, starting with the physical characteristics and arriving at the personality and lifestyle. Prepare a shopping project yourself, take a good look at your wardrobe, ask yourself these questions, and start composing the looks, put them on the hanger, and create the combinations. Imagine yourself wearing them, visualize the combinations, and above all visualize yourself moving inside the clothes.


69% of people, when shopping online, do not spend more than 100 dollars at a time and 73% of people buy with discounts. If you shop online you will not feel uncomfortable with the saleswoman stating that you have a budget to respect and you will not be forced to invest more money than you had budgeted for. Have fun shopping and conceive shopping as a moment of gratification using the magical power of accessories.


Online shopping platforms can become your gaming arena. Buying online has the advantage of being able to leave the garments parked in the cart and to think, during the day, about their actual purchase. Use the trolley as a tool and do the exercise you find here to start experimenting with YOUR style. It is essential to be able to buy things that you will wear and this will only happen if your purchases look like you. 76% of people ask for advice and opinions from relatives and friends before buying, 1 in 3 takes inspiration from TV and 48% is influenced by the web. Very well! I ask my clients and those who attend my courses to show me the people whose image they are positively affected by.


Do you know what the ROPO process is? Even if you don’t know it, I bet that sooner or later you did it.

ROPO means “Research online, purchase offline”. For example, you search for corset tops online and buy them offline.

How many times has it happened to you to look for a garment online, compare the e-commerce of the various brands, take advantage of being able to do the research in the places and times you prefer, and then go to the physical store to make a purchase?

The mobile phone is always with us and already 51% of people use online shopping apps, especially to track offers. Just think: 45% would set their alarm clock even at night to take advantage of it.

Hopefully, all the tips above can help you in buying clothes online.

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