Do You Want To Take Your Vaping Game To The Pro Level? Here Is How.

With old school smoking losing it’s merry, people are increasingly turning to electronic cigarettes. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, this new smoking device has a number of names among them being “e-hookahs,” “e-cigs,” electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS), and “vapes” or “vape pens.” While they come in different designs and look, vaping is a trend that is just taking root across the globe.

Being a novel technology, many would-be enthusiasts have no idea how to approach vaping. In particular, a lot of interest in the new smoking technique is generated by the people who want to find a way out of the smoking habit. This is because there are studies that found that the first step to kicking the habit is to change how one approaches it. However, many people are beginners and would surely want to take their game to the pro level.

Understand your vape

When using vapes like Smok Novo, one will realize that the items contain a lot of parts that might complicate understanding. For starters, vapes contain four major components which are the coil for vaping, the battery to heat the coil, the pod mod device, and a charging cable. Usually, the device comes with a manual that can take the user through all the steps needed to handle it better.

Once you have good knowledge of the device, you can disassemble it at night for cleaning. Obviously, the task will be daunting at first and you might think it is pointless. However, you will understand its significance once you are used to doing it. However, you must ensure you remain highly cautious since a small mistake could render your device useless.

Maintain the vape regularly

While at it, you will realize that the juice contained in the vaping tank could use some shaking to make sure that the hit is just right. Typically, the e-juice contains a certain ratio of Propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) which controls the thickness of the smoke and the intensity of the hit. Usually, a thinner smoke accompanies a high-intensity hit while a thick smoke accompanies a lower intensity hit.

In the process of conducting such regular maintenance checks, you will also learn a few tricks like diluting the e-juice to make the flavor more desirable. Adding distilled water thins the e-liquid and thus it lightens the hit.

Develop the will to become a pro

Becoming a pro requires hard work and the desire to really understand the device. Performing regular maintenance is part of understanding the vape. This way, you will begin to appreciate the advantage of the e-cigar over regular cigarettes.

Further, becoming a pro user of vape demands that you use high-quality items that provide the best value for your money. For instance, you should choose premium e-liquid over the cheaper lower value e-liquids which might make your experience not really enjoyable. This way, you will develop more interest to understand how the device works and, as a result, you will become a pro-vape-user.

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