Does Landscaping Increase Home Value?

Almost everyone will want to improve the value of their home. That is very true for most investors and those who intend to sell their property. Even when you do not want to sell your property, knowing it is increasing in value feels satisfying, says Nest DC. You enjoy your property more when the value increases. However, although most people will want to boost their property’s value, few property owners know how to do so.

Landscaping is one of the proven ways you can increase your home value. Landscaping is the exterior part of your home. It has two major features: hardscaping (non-living items such as pathways, driveways, paving, steps, structures, etc.) and soft scaping (living or natural things like gardens, plants, trees, flowers, grass, hills, etc.).

From experience and studies, well-designed or high-quality landscaping can increase your home’s value by about 10% – 14%. Depending on your home’s value before the upgrade, this can translate to several thousands of dollars. Aside from the financial benefits that landscape adds to your property, your home will attract more buyers. As a result, the house will not stay long in the market.

When homeowners hear this, they believe that all forms of landscaping can add more returns on investment. But this is not true. It is essential to state here that professional landscaping that suits your home will add the value you need.

If you want to add more value to your home, consider the following in your landscaping features.

1. Deck

Decks are among the best landscaping

Decks are among the best landscaping features that yield more investment returns. For instance, composite decks provide about 63.2% returns on investment, and wood deck offers 65.8% returns. Surveys show that most potential homebuyers are attracted to homes with decks.

2. Lighting

Landscape lighting will be a valuable addition to your home. It improves security and accentuates the external features of the home at night. Most people now prefer landscape lighting because of the benefits it provides.

People who pass by the property at night will appreciate the home. You can take photographs of the house at night and use them while staging the property for sale. We recommend choosing LED lamps or solar lights so as not to lead to excessive electricity bills.

3. Trees, shrubs, and bushes

Potential buyers appreciate the greenery and outdoor space where they can sit and relax. For this reason, you may want to invest in mature greenery and large trees. Mature trees will improve the curb appeal, attract squirrels and birds, provide shade, and serve as a windbreaker. However, trees will cost more than shrubs.

If you intend to settle for shrubs and bushes, it is essential to note that you will need to plant more of them. Also, they require more maintenance than trees. Neglecting the maintenance of your trees, shrubs, and other plants will make the landscape appear untidy, unsafe, and unappealing. As a result, the property will lose value instead of increasing.

4. Fire pit

Fire pits are attractive additions to homes. They serve many purposes. Some of these include serving as a central attraction in the outdoor space, providing warmth during colder seasons, and being a meeting point for events such as camping, family meetings, barbeque parties, etc.

Fire pits ignite interest among potential home buyers. They imagine themselves enjoying the feature and performing fun activities within this space. You can install the fire pit in your patio, backyard, or garden to add extra value. But it should be away from your plants and other ignitable items.

5. Lawn

Lawn add a green area to your outdoor space

A lawn will add a green area to your outdoor space and improve curb appeal. We recommend that you choose local grasses common in your area. Doing so will ensure their survival and reduce the maintenance needs of your lawn. We also recommend planting different vegetables, fruits, and flowers to make your green area appear healthy. Be sure to mow your lawn regularly because overgrown lawns will make your property unattractive and lose its value.

Things to avoid

If you want your landscape to add more value to your home, there are certain things you should avoid. Some of them include:

  • Sloping yards
  • Too many trees
  • Koi ponds
  • Visible irrigation
  • Excessive ornaments
  • Seasonal plants
  • Outdated pool
  • Poor drainage
  • Poor lighting
  • Excessive concrete
  • Expensive custom features
  • Rotting patios
  • Disjointed design

All these landscaping features can make your outdoor space unappealing to potential buyers. As a result, the home can lose its value.

For landscaping, we recommend you keep it simple, consider sustainability and entertainment, focus on curb appeal, ensure privacy, and stay within your budget. Working with an expert will make your landscaping add more value to the home.

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