Dog Milestones That You Should Celebrate

Your dog will be your best friend from the day they come home to the day they go up to doggy heaven. You’ll share hundreds of adventures with your dog throughout the years, so be prepared for moments that will stand out more than others. We have a list of good reasons to celebrate the important milestones of your fur baby.

Their Birthday

If you know their exact birthdate, this is the time to throw a celebration. We celebrate human birthdays, so why not do the same for our loving pets? Make it a celebration for everyone by holding a birthday party for your dog-yes, dog owners often throw their birthday parties for their dogs! Make a pet-friendly cake or call around town for a bakery that can do it for you. Invite your friends and family and other dog friends. Enjoy a huge celebration together with everyone you love.

Their Coming-Home Day

Most of the time we may have no idea what day or even year our dog was born. Don’t let this stop us from celebrating! Plan a celebration for the day that you adopt or bring home your dog for good. This will likely be one of the most exciting days in both of your lives, so why not commemorate it the right way? This is another day where a pet-friendly cake will be in order! A couple of fun new presents for your new addition won’t hurt, either.

Graduation from Obedience School or Training

Has your dog passed obedience training with flying colors? Are you the proud parent of a well-trained dog? If the answer is yes, you have a good reason to celebrate! Obedience training takes a lot of hard work, patience, and perseverance. Our four-legged friends will appreciate that we remember their special day more than you know! Break out the treats and give your dog a new present, such as a pretty scarf or a new toy.

On Christmas or Other Holidays

Do you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or any other holiday in the winter months? If so, have a wonderful time filling up a stocking for your dog so that he or she can celebrate the holidays with you. Dogs will love opening up presents as much as we do, so take some time to wrap up some new treats and bones. Don’t forget to film your dog tearing everything open in his or her excitement! You could also celebrate the holidays by getting their picture taken with Santa. Check local pet stores and vets to see if they are holding a “Picture with Santa” day just for animals.

When They Become Potty-Trained

If you bought or adopted a brand-new puppy, you probably went through a few frustrating weeks or months trying to get them potty-trained. So when the big day finally comes that your pet stops having accidents, make sure that you mark it down on your calendar! Positive reinforcement is a very important act when you are trying to train your dog to go outside, so don’t forget to offer lots of treats, hugs, and kisses!

A Successful Leash Walk

Your pup needs to learn how to walk on a leash, but we know this isn’t always an easy task to master. When your dog finally walks calmly on his or her leash, obeying your commands, it’s a day to mark down in the books! Why not celebrate with some new treats, a cake, and a lot of extra belly rubs? Leash training is hard for everyone involved, so you deserve a piece of that cake, too!

The First Vet Trip

Another sometimes stressful task is taking your fur baby to the vet, especially for the first time. If you adopt a puppy, make sure you get him or her to a vet when they are within six to eight years old. Your vet is a very important figure in your dog’s life, so make sure you celebrate their very first trip with presents, treats, and fun.

Learning His or Her Name

It’s a shining moment when your dog finally recognizes and responds to his or her name. Some pet owners have a harder time getting an adult dog to learn a new name if they decide to change it so this is all the more reason to celebrate an amazing milestone.

Gift Giving Tips For Your Dog

Our deep emotional connection to our dogs makes them a valuable family member. Celebrating their milestones also adds to the family fun. When you give gifts to your dog, be mindful of the wrapping. Use loose gift wrappers and keep the tape to a minimum. It’s good to leave one end open so he can smell the treat or the new toy inside. Do not give your dog breakable gifts or too many treats that are more than he can chew on.

While there are plenty of milestones to celebrate, your dog will enjoy your love and attention every day. We know that you can’t wait to give it to them! Have a wonderful time celebrating these milestones and more. You both deserve the fun!

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