Don’t Get Too Comfy, Or You Might Miss IT

If you run a business and you are already well educated about the current tech market and the possibilities that become a reality before you can even spell the word pos…… (you get the point), then there isn’t much that will surprise you.

When you fully appreciate that nothing is ever, forever and that absolutely anything is possible, then you’ll be on a higher plane than most people, and be a superb person to have around in case of an emergency.

Things are going to get much faster

The thing with tech and inventions is that, as long as there is an idea, or thought to put things into motion then it will become a reality at one point, or another. Of course, there are practical ‘things’ like a door, or a toilet that, although the materials might have changed over time, haven’t changed in terms of their practical purpose, a door is still a door and a toilet is still just a toilet.

Tech is a different entity altogether because, with the introduction of AI, people are already needing extra help from companies that provide IT Support in Miami, it won’t take long for machines to become self-sufficient. They will be able to upgrade, repair, and develop new tech at an unthinkable pace. Look at how far things like CPUs, RAM, and GPUs have evolved since their introduction to the mainstream.

A lot has happened in a reasonably short space of time, so who knows what the future holds and how fast it will progress, that is largely going to be in the hands of something else.

Are tech advancements slowing down?

It’s interesting because numerous articles are raising their heads recently, that are heavily suggesting that tech is going to hit a period of restricted growth or even grind to a halt completely, without any real substance to back up the claims. How can anybody consider that the tech world will experience a state of restricted growth when everything in the history books tells us differently?

There have been times when even the largest IT manufacturers aren’t able to get hold of certain materials that are needed for things like RAM, but it didn’t affect things that much really. For consumers, perhaps they weren’t able to get exactly what they wanted, and prices were increased as a result but, it didn’t last for long.

Speed and efficiencies continue

When all was said and done, the progress of RAM development continued to grow and evolve as it always has done. G. SKILL broke a record back in November last year, hitting a stable overclock of 4352 MHz which for DDR5 dual channel RAM equates to around 8,704 MT’s, which alone tells us things are still moving forward as normal.

The two CPU manufacturers (AMD and Intel) continue to produce new products with the introduction of the AMD 5950x and the Intel 12900E as their flagship models. Both will surpass the 5ghz clock speed have 16 cores and use a 7mm dye manufacturing process…7mm! It wasn’t that long ago that quad core CPUs were the fastest and best things on the planet.

It’s a similar story with GPU although there has always been a divide between the two-chip manufacturers, AMD and Nvidia are the GPU chip manufacturers who have continued to produce super powerful GPUs that now use AI deep learning.

For a while now, though Nvidia has been the leader in terms of power and performance, their flagship model is the RTX 3090 which boasts nearly 10500 streaming processors, a boost clock of around 1.7ghz, 24GB of GDDR6X RAM which runs at nearly 20Gbps!

To put things into context, the most powerful GPU chip available for sale today was released in September 2020, it’s not that Nvidia has hit a wall or, that they aren’t able to make a more powerful GPU, they probably already had faster GPU’s than the 3090 when it was released but, they can control the market because there’s no one to compete with.

They likely could have released another GPU within a month or so, but they chose not to and will decide when the time is right for them to release the 4000 series cards.

With tech, for as long as people are still buying the products and they remain desirable then why would the manufacturer release a new product that affects the sale of their current model, if it’s producing good sales figures? It makes zero business sense to do so.

Can we keep up?

Software development, if anything is what will hold things up if at all, the reason for that is purely down to the skill and ability of the human mind. Anybody who knows their stuff will find it very hard to argue against the bottleneck that software can possess, the software we use these days just isn’t advanced enough to make the most of the hardware that’s being produced.

Hardware is moving at a much faster pace than software, as a result, you can be sure to see more and more software companies using AI to produce their next big release.

AI is already taking hold

For the mainstream, AI is a reasonably new introduction, although it’s been used by some of the largest corporations in the world for a long, long time. They just hadn’t gotten to a point of understanding how powerful AI was, or how big the potential could be, either that, or they were waiting for a point in time where people were more susceptible to providing data, freely.

Take things like the Google search engine and social media as examples, both know more about a person than their mother does. Their AI databases will know some secrets that the user wouldn’t dream of disclosing to another person, yet they feel comfortable enough to type whatever it is into a piece of software on their computer.

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