Don’t Make Your Own THC Vape Juice – Leave More Wax Liquidizer For Us!

This article is to warn you off of making your own THC vape juice because we don’t need the competition for Wax Liquidizer. This product is our favorite thing since concentrates hit the population and the more of you that order it, the less there is for us.

We’re terrified that we might have to go back to using expensive and lame pre-filled vape cartridges. That sounds like a nightmare we can’t wake up from.

So buzz off and don’t harsh our buzz, got it?


Why THC Vape Juice Wins Over Carts

If we have to go back to pre-filled carts it will be the end of the world. They’re a huge hassle, taste boring, and are shady. We don’t know what’s in them. We didn’t even know until recently that they’re full of stuff other than just BHO.

Wax Liquidizer showed us the light, however. They make the same kind of juice you find in the carts so we’ve been mixing our own batches up at home. It’s so much cheaper than we’re vaping with absolute wild abandon now.

No more rationing those carts.


The six flavors keep us from getting bored and we can use our own rosin or favorite concentrate from the dispensary to mix a batch up anytime.

If we have to start running back and forth to the dispensary twice as much for a measly .5ml cartridge when we know a gram of wax makes 3 MLS of juice… I just don’t know how we could go backward like that.

It would be like selling our car to take the bus.


We Don’t Really Want You To Know How To Make Your Own THC Vape Juice

But we’re kind of impressed with ourselves and our ego wants to flex.

Here’s how we do it.

We take 2 MLS of Wax Liquidizer in our favorite flavor, which is banana, and add a gram of rosin. Wax, shatter, budder, and honey oil works too. You can’t use bubble hash or anything with bits of the plant suspended in it, though.

We pop it into the glass that came in the mixing kit because we’re lazy. Then the glass goes into our microwave. It takes about 3 seconds to warm up enough and then we just move it to our tank and hit the fire button.


Why Wax Liquidizer Will Ruin Your Life

If you work in the pre-filled vape cartridge industry, this is not your lucky day. Wax Liquidizer will also ruin your life if you love using sub-par equipment to vape your pre filled vape cartridges. There is another downside, though. Prepare to get lifted and stay there. It’s so easy, fun, and tasty, there is no reason to stop!

It’s so discreet we find ourselves slipping away all over the place to take a few puffs. Honestly, we’re having the best few weeks of our lives since we found this stuff.


What’s Going In Your THC Vape Juice?

While we’d love to scare you away by talking about chemicals, the truth is Wax Liquidizer is made with FDA approved ingredients. You can read more about it on their website, where they’re pretty transparent about what’s in it.

That’s more than you can say for the vape cartridge industry.

By the way, it’s made in Colorado so that’s some American ingenuity for you.


What Does Making Your Own THC Vape Juice Cost?

It could save hundreds of dollars to make your own juice. You can turn $35 worth of shatter into over $200 of the vape juice, assuming you can get a gram of concentrate for $35. The cost of the liquidizer itself is negligible.

It’s far less than the gas it took you to get to the dispensary every time you needed more carts.


Do Not Order Wax Liquidizer And Make Your Own THC Vape Juice

If you all hit the site hard and start ordering, there will be less for us so we’re having mixed feelings about this whole announcement. Since we stocked up already, it will probably be fine.


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  1. If you decide to use extracts I would advise using a solventless wax like Rosin. The solvent-based extracts can be dangerous if not purged correctly.

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