Don’t Want To Use Medication? Here Are Some Alternative Ways To Reduce Pain

Dealing with pain is never easy for anyone, but having to carry it each day for prolonged periods of time can be extremely stressful and exhausting. People with chronic pain are no strangers to painkillers and medication, but instead of taking the same kind of drug each day, it’s a good idea to switch things up and introduce some alternative options.

People have used some of these methods for thousands of years, so they are proven to work! Here are some of the alternative ways to reduce pain if you don’t want to use medication!


Chronic pain is stressful, and it can take a toll on your whole body and influence your daily life. People have used meditation to ease their bodies for many years, and even today, a lot of experts claim that meditation helps with dealing with pain and sometimes reducing it entirely! The great thing about meditation is that there is no right way to do it – you decide on how it’s done, and you create the environment and the tempo that suits your needs the most.

Stress can cause so much pain, but with daily meditation, you can help calm yourself and ease your body. In this state of mind, you are more likely to forget about the pain at least for a little bit, and rest, as pain can drain a lot of energy from you! 


Cannabis is known to ease stress and reduce pain! Apart from cardiovascular benefits and lowering high blood pressure, it can also help you relax and ease your muscles. People with chronic pain are no strangers to CBD, and they use it a lot as alternative medicine. As stated by the folks behind 420 Coupon Codes, with the mass legalization of weed, CBD is sold almost everywhere, with lots of brands offering discounts, so you can get your high-quality goods at a lower price.

CBD tea and CBD oils are the most common options for both external and internal use, so you can choose the cannabis products you find appealing the most. There is no more stigma surrounding this as various countries start to legalize and regulate them, so feel free to try different kinds of cannabis products and see what works best for you! 

Fish oil

The strength comes from within, so you need to intake good ingredients in order to feel good. It’s proven that fish oil has a lot of benefits, with its anti-inflammatory properties, it can even ease the pain that’s caused by it! Taking this kind of supplement daily can improve your image and make you feel better in the long run. Lots of nutritionists suggest taking them due to the presence of omega-3 fatty acids, which you can also get by adding fish to your diet.

This is far from a painkiller, it’s more of prevention or something that takes effect in the long run – making your body stronger over time. It’s a good supplement to add, especially if you don’t want to take any harsh chemicals and medication, this is a good option in the long run, but make sure you ask your doctor first! 

Therapeutic massages

In most cases, pain can manifest in bones and muscles – this can make walking and doing daily tasks quite difficult. Chronic pain is hard to deal with, but instead of grabbing painkillers, you should try getting a therapeutic massage to ease the pain. This way you’ll feel relaxed, and your muscles will be relaxed as well, you’ll feel more comfortable and at ease.

If your pain is concentrated in one area, you can ask to get a massage there and truly focus on suiting that part of your body. Just make sure you go to a professional who is licensed and knows what he’s doing! 

Don't Want To Use Medication


A lot of rehabilitation centers offer physical therapy, but also they offer exercises that are catered to reduce pain. It’s safe to say that being active is good on its own. We produce certain chemicals when we work out, so our body starts to heal itself and reduces the pain by being active.

Obviously, this is not recommended for everyone, those with severe injuries or certain illnesses shouldn’t jump into heavy exercising but start slow – as much as their current condition allows them. The level of pain can vary, so make sure that you are taking things nice and easy! 

A lot of people struggle with different kinds of pain each day, it’s not easy, and the search for the perfect cure is never-ending. But there are a lot of cheap and natural remedies you can try to at least ease the pain a little bit! So it’s up to you, to see what suits your need and what alternative method sounds the most appealing and give it a go!

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