Door Signs in Offices: Purpose, Types, How to Make. BSign Company Knows Everything

Coming to any organization or office, a person begins acquaintance from a threshold. Information sign on every door is not only an original sign that allows guests to save time on searches; they underline the status of each organization. What is a door sign, what it is for, and how to make it, this article will tell you? BSign company has been producing doors signs for a long time and can give you a lot of useful information in this question.


Purpose of door indicators

For any organization, door signs have very different purposes. They determine a person’s status, his occupation, or team inside any building.

  • In government agencies, signs on doors of offices are in great demand, along with names, positions held and indicating hours of reception of citizens;
  • in schools, universities, and other educational institutions, signs are relevant, where you need to indicate numbers of rooms and names of teachers;
  • in theaters, shopping, and entertainment centers, there are information signs on elevator doors, utility rooms, and toilets.

The inscriptions create a sense of reliability in every organization; instill confidence in a person who is behind such a door. Products: souvenirs, with funny images, or original comic gifts on every door, with drawings or inscriptions on them.


Types of products and materials of manufacture

Despite the fact that all signs for doors are similar, they differ in shape.

  • such inscriptions on all doors are perceived by visitors much better, they are remembered faster and make a good impression. Door signs are made by laser cutting colored acrylic. After cutting out letters, logos, ornaments, they are mounted on a base using powerful adhesive systems, which allows each product to retain its original appearance for many years;
  • often, office door plaques are custom made. Original design indicating the main company’s activity, its details, will interest many visitors. No self-respecting reputable organization can do without such a simple sign;
  • to emphasize and more vividly express the purpose of each room, you can use figured signs on the door. They are often simple, voluminous, custom made;


Materials for door signs

A variety of materials are used in the product’s manufacture:

  • Metal base lends product with undeniable solidity. In this manufacture, a steel sheet with a thickness of more than 1mm is used;

The surface texture can be mirrored or matte, depending on customer preferences. The color of a finished product will depend on different types of metal used in its manufacture: brass gives colors to gold; stainless steel is a golden hue or silver color. acrylic signs. Production of acrylic signs for doors, milling cut-through inscription. Fastening the drop-down parts of letters on double-sided tape or by creating thin bridges between any elements of letters;

  • wood signs. Office door signs made of natural wood add fashionability and respectability to the overall style of your office. The production of wooden office signs using milling and 3D milling helps to bring to life almost any design idea.


How to make it yourself and how to fasten door signs

For self-production of door signs, you will need self-adhesive film sheets, stencil, sheet plastic, and scissors for metal, ruler, scissors, pencil, sandpaper.

So, what to do next?

  • using a ruler and a pencil, we draw markings on a plastic sheet;
  • using scissors for metal, cut out a piece equal to dimensions of the future table (it is better to clean all edges with sandpaper) ;
  • choose the background of the future table;
  • use stencils to start creating the letters on the self-adhesive tape;
  • glue the letters carefully to the background table.


The attachment of door signs

You can do this with your own hands in several ways:

  • double-sided tape or duct tape. This is the easiest fixing method that does not require skills and use of a professional tool;
  • on magnets. Usually, this is how models with a metal base are attached, with a removable information inscription;
  • with screws or self-tapping screws. One of the simplest ways, used in cases where it is important to secure the inscription securely, and not too aesthetically pleasing, for example, to attach a sign on the door in a kindergarten;
  • for remote holders.

This is a fairly aesthetic and reliable way of attaching any sign, when it moves away from a wall, depending on the type of holder, by 10-60 mm, creating a feeling of the part floating in the air. Holders are selected according to style, color, and product material itself.

BSign company provides services for the production of customized door signs: from stainless steel, metals, acrylic, and wood. Signs on doors are produced in any size, color, and shape. Frames made of steel profiles will hide attachment points and give this product a finished look. BSign offers excellent office navigation systems designed in a single laconic style.

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