Dr. Dabbler Stella Review


  • Sleek and discreet design
  • For wax
  • Designed with medical-grade material
  • Vaping while charging
  • 3 preset heat setting
  • Ceramic mouthpiece
  • Easy maintenance
  • Improved battery and charging technology


An Overview

Dr. Dabber has made a name in the world of vaporizers. Notably, its fan base loves the effectiveness and convenience the manufacturer is known for.

They are renowned for improving the user’s vaping experience, making every smoking session bliss. Their products are known to satisfy smoker’s taste buds and, at the same time, minimize potential health risks.

Dr. Dabber has attracted great commendations from their award-winning products like Boost and Switch; and now, Stella, their latest portable vape pen, looks really promising.

The Stella pen comes with remarkable improvement in Dr. Dabber Aurora, their last model. Aurora was no doubt a name to reckon with among premium vape pens.

From Stella’s features, Dr. Dabber might soon be setting a new standard. The pen comes with some amazing features, scarce in Dr. Dabber’s older versions and even in competitors’ latest products.


Let’s quickly examine Dr. Stella’s products features:

  • Design

Dr. Dabber Stella vape pen comes with the typical black stainless steel build. It comes portable and with some great features.


  • Battery

Dr. Dabber Stellar comes with a battery that looks simple but spots a cool technology beneath the hood. The device features a Temperature Coefficient Resistance (TCR) technology, which helps the battery modulate voltage based on the heating coil temperature.

Therefore, rather than supplying the coil with a regular power stream, the battery adjusts to maintain its temperature.

This feature gives the Stella model a huge edge over its competitors as it ensures the heating element doesn’t become overheated and ruin the extracts.

This technology helps the coil to function with a range of power options rather than the conventional off/on in most products.


  • Coil

Dr. Dabber Stella is designed with a ceramic coil that helps prevents the coil from contacting the body of the device, preventing overheating.


  • Floating Vapor Chamber

This feature allows you to use the Stella for an extensive session. Interestingly, the vape pen is designed to operate at its highest temperature without feeling any hotness on the body.

This device comes in three temperature setting options – between 460 to 775°F, as well as a pre-heat function. This heating option is a plus particularly for beginners seeking mild and soft draws, and also for experienced vapers seeking a hard hit vapor.


  • Mouthpiece

Its mouthpiece is a clear upgrade over the Aurora. It looks more durable and larger. It sports a special Vortex airflow that keeps the vapor cool while promoting a fine draw resistance.


  • Bowl

Stella is made of Alumina Ceramic, adjudged one of the best ceramics popularly used in producing automobile sensors and electronics. The looks more durable and offers more vapor with richer flavor, a far cry from the typical ceramic heating material.


  • Charging Technology

Unlike other vape pens from Dr. Dabbler, Stella comes with a pass-through charging technology which allows you operate the device while on charge.


  • One Year warranty

To crown it, Stella gives customers confidence with their purchase with a one-year-warranty offer. This means you can get a replacement in the event of any production defect in the device.



Dr. Dabber Stella performs, stellar. It offers vapers a cool and flavor-rich vapor regardless of your temperature setting. While it reaches its highest heat pretty fast, it leaves the body cool, always. Its mouthpiece is well designed to cool the vapor making every draw a smooth satisfying experience and your overall vaping session, blissful.

The vaporizer is stealthily portable and packs a whole of innovations. This device produces good quality vapor and a good pick for both newbies and experienced vapers

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