Dressing Etiquettes for A Motivational Public Speaker

Dressing up ashy to sassy turns a bit of a task, especially when it’s for an intellectual event where you’re supposed to be the chief guest there.

Someone is getting shaky!

What to wear?

Floral skirts paired along with shirts having bold hues?


A fusion of contemporary tees with pants?

But would it comply with the conventional parameters of a good speaker?

How much would it affect the speaker’s influence over the audience?

These are some questions public speakers are bombarded with when they need to rush to an event as a guest speaker.


Just as working in a corporate structure requires presentable looking resources similarly, a public speaking event calls for decently-dressed speakers who could have an influence over the audience.

So basically, having that male fashion sense won’t work here!

So to ease your tension, we have drawn inspiration from a lot of speakers and have compiled some of the most aesthetically appealing dress-up tips that could bring you to the limelight.

Even though a few of these conceptions do contradict each other so the one size fits all approach won’t go well in this context. It’s better to experiment and pick out what works well for you because let’s admit fashion is tricky.

But worry not as this dressing 101 guide is here to detangle all the myths about dressing up to a professional event. Also, if you belong to the group of black motivational speakers, this guide will serve as eye candy to you.


Taboo’s of Dressing Up as A Public Speaker

Whether you prefer to dress up somewhat similar to the spectators or wish to flaunt your own style, keep in mind some major signs which tend to shorten the listener’s attention span.

As a guest public speaker, you need to keep in the look to highlight the points and features of your appearance, which you think will bring your professionalism to the view rather than going for something which arouses your feminine sexuality.

Wearing Tee’s bearing punchy slogans or catchphrases is a big turn off!

Specifically, if the shirt is highlighting a sensitive topic, the listeners will pay more heed to what your T-shirt punch line says rather than what you are saying.


As we stated earlier, you want to draw maximum attention to your speech, so just ensure you appear clean enough before you are due on the stage.

Getting indecisive?

Don’t concern yourself!

Though the limitations are frustrating still, you can manage to give prominence to your appearance by accentuating your look with women linen clothing to play up professionalism while appearing chic.

Dig deeper to find out how you have been dressing up wrong all your life and what tweaking you need to make it go right.


· Your Dressing Must Comply with Your Brand

Entrepreneurs and public speakers need to realize that no one can voice their brand better than themselves, not even their own website. Your dressing sense should be appealing enough that it could picture your brand’s personification. Though this sounds like too much work genuinely, all it calls for is a little touch of your own grab!

· Try To Dress Well or Somewhat Better than The Audience

Before you pick out what you will be wearing for your next event, consider having a rough idea about your audiences’ style. Because if you don’t consider to do so, you will be labeled as a nutcase by your spectators. Plus, chances are you won’t be able to get your word out clearly.

· Dress to Impress

No matter what you choose to go with. You should always prioritize comfort because that’s the first step in laying an impact on the beholder. Dress up in clothes you feel comfortable to flaunt. Feeling confident eventually shows up in the manner how you portray your thoughts.

· Dress Up in Something Flexible

Flexibility and ease are some traits that do contribute to shaping the way you move on stage. The more flexible and comfortable you’ll appear, the higher the chances are you will make an influence on the audience without being too flashy.

· Dress Up Like an Adult

Dressing up appropriately is the key to putting the word that makes an impact. You can’t wear anything. Consider what you can wear, which could go well with your age and appearance without making you end up looking like a retard.


Should You Dare to Go Against The Grain of Accepted Norms?

Being experimental is okay, but that only in some specific situations. Anything which is out of the conventional frame will not work in compliance with a picky audience.

The primary concern of a speaker’s dress code is that whatever he/she opts to go for, it should be tied with his/her brand’s theme.

Going by the guidelines of minimalism or portraying your brand’s theme as minimal art is a win-win in the initial stage of your career. After setting your parameters, you can choose to go with a theme that sets you apart from the crowd and preserves your professional wisdom too.

The terminology of a pubic speaker is becoming generic lately, making it appeal a lot from an individual who is seeking to kick start his career as a public speaker.

I would like to wind things down with a pearl of persuasive entrepreneurial wisdom which compiles public speaking business as a whole:

‘ Stay muted and stay low-key until you actually have something genuine to say, and in case you have successfully managed to get the essence of your heart to your tongue, it’s time to say it hot!



As a public speaker, you should remember that what you wear shapes up your brand and lays down a significant impact on what you have to say to the spectators. Not to mention a good orator is always self-driven and compelling in his oratory skills.

Therefore, opting for mediocre fabric with prints giving off a monotonous vibe can fail to cease the attention or address your honorable prestige, which could be a major turn off.

Not complying with the spectator’s dress code or going widely mismatched with your audiences can escalate communicational hitches. Thus,  being a motivational speaker you should always welcome new suggestions and recommendations on how you could take your speaking services up a notch.

Happy orating!

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