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Dried Flower Crafts

This is a great craft to make and easy for children. These dried flowers and herbs in oil also make great gifts.

Do you love visiting shops or looking at dried herbs in flowers whose fragrance and beauty has been captured in jars? Do you love using the seasonings from herbs and vinegar and spices? Or do you just like collecting old glass vases and bottles?

Well, here is a great way to put to use all those glass bottles you have collecting dust around your house. Why not make your own seasonings or decorations to place in and about your home using dried flowers and herbs in oil?


Below are the directions for creating your own dried flowers and herbs in oil:

dried flowers and herbs in oil

Items Needed:

Dried or silk flowers
leaves and herbs
glass jar or decorative container
mineral safflower oil
scented oil or perfume



Place dried or silk flowers, leaves, and herbs into a decorative bottle or glass jar.

Gently pour oil into the bottle over dried or silk flowers and herbs.

Add 3-4 drops of perfume, cologne or scented oil of your choice.

Place the lid onto the container. Shake gently to mix oil and scent together.

Set around the house where ever you need an accent piece.

You may also choose to remove the lid in certain areas, like the bathroom, so that the aroma can fill the room.


Now, if you want to use the oil, place whole peppers and herbs into a glass container and mix with oil. You can also mix in a pinch of your favorite seasons such as dried peppers chips, thyme, ginger, and even a little pepper juice.

Just sprinkle on meat or fish before cooking to absorb the flavor.

When the liquid is running low, just add more oil.

You can also paint designs on your jar or vase if desired.

Be sure to cap tightly.

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