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How Does a Driving Under Influence (DUI) Conviction Affect One’s Life?

A DUI conviction can stay on your record and follow you for years. Criminal background checks usually reveal such convictions. Your background check can also contain details of an impaired driving arrest or whether you refused a breath test.

Employers or landlords use criminal background checks to determine if they can hold your background against you. However, a single DUI may not always show up on your criminal background check. In fact, you may be able to remove a DUI charge from your record.

Using Criminal Background Checks

Landlords and employers often use criminal background checks to evaluate the worthiness of an individual. For example, a company’s HR team may use a background check to vet a potential employee. Here are some other common users of background checks and the reasons for them:

  • Colleges and universities considering whether to accept a student
  • Current employers reviewing personal records
  • Potential employer determining whether to hire you
  • Professional associations deciding whether to license you in a particular skill or trade

A DUI conviction can be your nemesis in these situations. Legally, any employer, organization, or institution can use your DUI against you when considering whether to accept you into an association, hire you, or grant you a license.

If any of these entities turn you away because of your DUI, the law does not consider this discrimination. The law considers this standard procedure. 

Disclosing Your Background Details

Some employers will simply come out and ask you about your criminal past. Most job applications contain a section asking for this information. However, employers may not actually follow up by running a criminal background check.

Nevertheless, when asked about your criminal history, it’s recommended that you answer the question. While it is not illegal to avoid this question, it is in your best interest to be truthful.

In today’s electronic age, even if a company does not run a formal background check, it is easy for the company to search for your name and find out whether you have been arrested in the past. In this way, your Los Angeles DUI lawyers information may be easily accessible to whoever wants to know.

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