Drones Are The Best For Security And Surveillance

Unarmed aerial vehicles, popularly known as drones, are aircraft that operate remotely. Unlike traditional planes, they do not need a pilot to carry them. They are flown and operated through remote control. They are a part of a UAS or Unmanned Aerial System that includes an aircraft, the network on which they operate, and the pilot.

Why do we use them?

Drones come in various sizes. It can be as stealthy as a fly or just like a regular plane. They are used for various purposes. As far as security and surveillance are concerned, drones do it subtly. Locations of strategic importance and public places like resorts, government buildings, hotels, movie theatres, shopping malls, residential places, casinos, banks, and hospitals use them all the time. Security drones are used all the time for:

  • Securing the perimeter
  • Assessing risk in remote or risky areas
  • Routing and re-routing for effective traffic control
  • Railway surveillance
  • Inspection of facilities
  • Disrupting anti-poaching activities

Places like banks and casinos that have cash all the time are vulnerable to breach. I would prefer to play judi online instead of being caught up in a drone operation to apprehend the robbers. Drones are savage in catching the troublemakers!

Recent trends and forecasts

According to recent research by Markets and Markets, drone services were capped at $4.4 billion in 2019 and are projected to cross the $64 billion mark by 2025. Estimates reflect that the industry would grow at a CAGR of 55.9%.

According to another report, one in every ten companies having a turnover of $50 million or more invest in drones for security. 90% of the investors in the industry experienced a positive return on investment.

Benefits of using drones for security purposes

Aerial Drones

Aerial drones are ideal for security and surveillance. A man’s angle of sight is 2700 in a linear direction, but drones have the aerial advantage of seeing things with a 3600 angle. Also, they are faster in securing the perimeter than a man. They come in handy in any demography as they can easily overcome hurdles. An aerial view helps in the identification of vulnerable sections, devises an effective action plan, and familiarises the personnel with the terrain to avoid last moment surprises.

Tethered Drones

You may tether a drone to keep watch on a specific area consistently or deploy it instantly to investigate any disruption. It enhances the overall potential of the team as it can identify problems quickly so that they can be addressed in time. They can substantially decrease the response time which can save many lives.

Avoided Risk

The biggest advantage drones have is that they protect security personnel from taking unnecessary risks. Their night vision, thermal tracking tech, and real-time streaming of the situation can ensure that intruders are captured in time.

Drones are deterrents

A research report published by the University of North Carolina at Charlotte interviewed 400 convicted burglars. 83% of them said that before attempting a burglary, they would try to determine whether the target has a security system or not. 63% of them held that they would change the target if an effective security system was installed.

Drones are deterrents And Surveillance

Quick and efficient tracking

Drones can act as moving cameras and alarm systems. Troublemakers are unlikely to target a house with a better-equipped security network. They are best at intruder response. Thermal scanning, FLIR or Forward-Looking InfraRed technology, and imaging can give you a real-time movement of the intruder, and a drone can trace his tracks to ensure he doesn’t escape.

Stealth and security

Drones can inform security personnel of the risk. They can sweep and reach blind spots to give a better view of managing action plans. If an intruder is alerted, he will either try to run or attack. Catching the intruder doing the act may surprise him, giving personnel an edge over him.

Tracking and Tracing

The research report ‘Through the eyes of a burglar: Study provides insights on habits and motivations, the importance of security, also suggested that more than 50% of burglars would discontinue the burglary if an alarm comes off.

Drones can prevent that. When burglars have to leave a burglary in between, it frustrates them and encourages them to do more. They might as well pursue at a different location and commit more damage than intended. Drones can track intruders without alerting them. It can also help the judge and the jury to chalk out the degree of men’s rea or guilty minds.


It is estimated that sales of drones used for security purposes are to grow seven times over in the next decade. With more than half of the satisfied consumers, drones are emerging as a major player in maneuvering search and rescue missions, stealthy surveillance to counter-terrorism, and academic research. 

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