How to Earn Your Utah Real Estate License

Earning a real estate license in the state of Utah isn’t difficult if you attend a quality real estate school. As you look for prospective programs, make sure to thoroughly research each institution so you can evaluate their effectiveness in preparing their students for state exams. Top-rated schools won’t only publish their pass rates, but they will also provide interested candidates with an overview of their courses, an introduction to their instructors, and a variety of guarantees—from price matching and moneyback offers to state exam pass guarantees.

If you’re not quite sure how to earn your Utah real estate license, you can use the following as a guide. By developing a more nuanced understanding of the process, you will be able to carefully select a school that’s right for you, and rest assured that you will learn everything you need to know in order to pass the state exam and begin your journey as a real estate professional in the state of Utah.


5 Steps to Receiving Your Utah Real Estate License

  1. Find a Real Estate School

The first step to earning your real estate license in the state of Utah is to find a quality real estate school to take your pre-licensure course. As you research potential institutions, pay close attention to not only their course offerings, but their instructors, guarantees, and educational approach. If possible, choose a school that offers a “reverse classroom,” so that you can learn the information on your own and then spend class time interacting directly with instructors to guarantee your understanding of the material. Only choose a school with qualified instructors and a variety of guarantees that protect you as a customer, such as a moneyback guarantee and a pass guarantee.

  1. Register in a Real Estate Course

Once you’ve chosen the best possible school to take your real estate license course, you should enroll. The first course you need to take is the pre-licensing course, which will teach you everything you need to know to pass the Utah real estate exam. But before you register, schedule an appointment with the school to get a good understanding of how the course will be delivered and what you will be expected to do. The best real estate schools available will provide you with a clear overview of the program and ensure that you have everything you need to pass the state exam, from ongoing interactions with instructors to practice tests and more.

  1. Learn About Real Estate

In your pre-licensing course, you’ll learn how to become a real estate professional, including, but not limited to: state laws and regulations for real estate, as well as how to evaluate property. If you attend a real estate school with a “reverse classroom,” as mentioned above, you can expect to watch recorded lectures, read your textbook, engage with additional resources, and then spend class time with your instructors getting questions answered.

  1. Complete the Exam

Once you’ve completed the course, you will be able to take the state exam. As long as you’ve attended a quality real estate school, then you will be completely prepared for the questions. This is mainly because strong programs offer practice exams that are based on the official test, allowing you to test your knowledge and understand your mistakes well in advance.

  1. Submit Your Application

After passing the state exam, you’re all set! The last step is to submit your application to the state. If approved, you will receive your real estate license in no time, allowing you to work as an agent in the state of Utah. It’s simply a matter of time before you start making sales.


3 Tips for What to Do After You Earn Your License

  1. Network

As you begin your journey to earning your real estate license, it’s crucial to start networking now to find potential clients and agents currently working in the field. Talk to friends, family members, and colleagues about your journey, and take note of any potential interests that could later become leads.

  1. Find Leads

When networking, try to ask people about property that they know they’d like to sell. As you build a list of potential leads, you can later turn these into sales. Developing a list of potential leads will increase chances of selling the property once you earn your license.

  1. Professionalize Yourself

After earning your real estate license, you should consider taking continuing education classes. Doing so will provide you with information, training, and licensure to build your real estate practice and earn more money.


Enroll in an Online MLO Course Today

If you want to become a real estate agent, then enrolling in a real estate school is the first step. After you’ve passed your pre-licensing course and exam, you can submit your application to the state and begin practicing.

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