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Most of us can’t imagine a life without our air conditioner. Whether it be because of the lethal temperature (link: in recent months or because it’s been part of our everyday life, our AC can very well save our lives in the long run. With that said, it’s natural to assume we have to ensure our air conditioners are in good working condition at all times, or the consequences become dire. This is where repairmen whose expertise lies directly in repairing ACs come in handy.

Unless you’re a professional yourself, it’s not advised to do your AC maintenance DIY-style. In fact, there’s nothing to maintain in your home that can be justified by doing it by yourself. Most of the time, it ends up in residential disasters (e.g. gas lines blowing up, pipes displacing due to incorrect installment), and that includes your AC too. Do the right thing and call up your local air conditioner professional to get in touch with one. If you need more reasons to call up a professional, here are some of them:

1. They Can Assess What You Need

In comparison to a home owner’s eye with no experience in such matters, an expert can easily help you with things like space assessment, proper placement of the device, and even the type of air conditioner that fits a particular room. Knowing what AC fits your home will not only assure you a great investment, but you won’t have to do trial and error by guessing by yourself!

Picking the proper air conditioner is also important, especially if you want your room properly cooled during the summer months. Here are some of the types of AC you should know about:

  • Central AC – perhaps the most common type of air conditioning there is, a central AC is often considered for larger homes due to its higher cooling efficiency. You can visit this page to know more. It’s usually bought for spaces such as the living room or commercially, for a venue. The only con for this type is its careful placement planning and installation. If this doesn’t get appropriately placed, there will be a problem with both its efficiency and its electricity consumption.
  • Window AC – this compact unit is used mainly for smaller rooms with one or two occupants. Its name, window, is used quite literally. Usually, this type of AC is installed on or near a window. It also appears like one. An area in the room is renovated, and a hole is placed where the size loosely fits the dimension of the device.
  • Portable AC – the smallest and one with the least horsepower, portable ones are usually considered for tiny rooms and spaces. It takes the heat of the room and converts it to cooler air, but this rarely cools off an average-sized room.
  • Geothermal Cooling – As the name suggests, this type of cooling system takes the cool temperature of the earth and brings it up to your home. The normal temperature of the soil below is always a consistent 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit no matter the temperature above. This system is long-lasting and energy-efficient, saving you money from exorbitant electricity bills.

2. Ensure Efficiency

Doing a DIY job might seem the thriftier choice, but that can’t be farther from the truth. A single mistake in installing or repairing this device can risk your AC consuming more energy than usual. This will result in not only a broken air conditioner in the near future but an electric bill skyrocketing higher than before. Energy leaks and loss only manifest when it’s too late. In other words, when you already get your bill. Avoid this situation by leaving it to the professionals.

3. Maintain Your Safety

Air Condition Maintain Your Safety

When tinkering with Air cons, you’ll also be tinkering with electricity. This puts you at a higher risk for electrocution and other accidents, more so if you aren’t properly armed with the tools and safety devices (link: professionals have. If you take the risk and put yourself in harm’s way, you won’t be saving any money. In fact, you’ll be paying a lot more in the hospital than what you could have given to a professional to do the work for you.

4. They’ve Done This A Million Times

Compared to new recruits or you, a homeowner, a seasoned professional has handled more than a dozen air conditioner installments and repairs in their career. This can already assure you you’re in good, capable hands. However, it still depends on how you choose the expert to handle this job. Make sure you choose someone with at least five years of experience before considering hiring them.

5. The Right Equipment

These professionals more or less work for a company, and what that means is they’re properly equipped with the tools and safety devices to handle your AC concerns or installation. This also means they’ll be quicker and more precise with their job than, say, an unlicensed repairman with only the basic tools and little to no protection against the hazards.

6. Better Quality Of Air

Air conditioners don’t just cool your home, but it also delivers a fresher, better quality air around the room. This can potentially help those with respiratory problems, such as those suffering from COPD or Asthma. You’ll be assured there are no dust, dirt, or insects blowing into your room when a professional handle the installation.

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