Easy Sewer Maintenance Tips

No homeowners want sewer flooding and backup. They are messy, harmful, and likely to cost you a lot. Regardless of these terrible risks, homeowners usually overlook sewer line maintenance. That is why leak detection services are vital to prevent flooding and unnecessary sewer line repairs. It is easy to forget; it is common for some homeowners.

Sadly, a sewer malfunction is not just bothersome, but it can severely influence your family’s well-being. Fortunately, keeping away from the mushy yard and wastewater flooding is much simpler than you would imagine. It is all about knowing what causes the sewer to back up and how to avoid them.

Invest in proper professional drain cleaning.

Grease build-ups are among the common causes of clogged sewer lines. This is not restricted to food waste; even soap residue can clog sewer lines over time. Regular drain cleaning for your home and sewer lines can avoid this problem. 

By scheduling on clearing out the build-up, you will avoid expensive repairs required by damages. You can also prevent oil build-up if you do not pour hot cooking oil down the drain. The grease becomes solid once it cools down and blocks the drain.

Use the Right Toilet Paper

If you visit any big box store or grocery store, you will come across multiple kinds of toilet paper. But do not let many options deceive you. There is only one kind of toilet paper you should use- one-ply toilet paper. 

One-ply toilet paper is not as soft as other toilet paper; it is easier and good for your plumbing. Thicker toilet paper can clog up your plumbing system. If you do not want to settle on that, you can purchase a two-ply toilet paper with the label sewer-safe.

Use Natural Procedures in Cleaning Your Plumbing System

When you notice a tiny clog, you might get a chemical clog remover. But it could be the worst thing you could do for your plumbing system. Chemical cleaners are hard on your pipes and do not give solutions for clogs and blockages. 

Every moment you employ a chemical drain cleaner, you risk rusting and straining your pipes. To avoid a sewer line break, stick with natural ways of sewer line repair. You can do DIY natural procedures to eliminate clogs, but these may not be fully effective. For the best and most effective results, call a plumbing professional like CW Service Pros.

When you depend on a pro plumber to eliminate clogs, you keep your plumbing system safe. They use a video inspection to detect clogs and blockages and decide the best ways to remove them. If your home is old, it is critical to deal cautiously with clogs. 

Research any landscaping.

Tree roots often rupture sewer lines by getting through the pipes and clogging the flow of residue. Tree roots normally look for the closest water source, which is the wastewater in the sewer line. The tree roots seek, break the pipe, and produce a curved line blockage.

Don’t plant anything near your sewer line. If you plan to plant trees or shrubs in your backyard, go for plants with short roots. Trees with short roots, for example, Amur maples, trident maples, crape myrtles, and others. Preventive maintenance is one thing, but if you see indications of root blockage, it is not big trouble yet. A professional plumber can trim the roots without causing more damage. Indications of a present break involve slow-flowing drains, blockages, or shifts in water pressure.

Pay attention to your clean-outs

Your clean-outs give direct access to your sewer line. They are commonly seen right outside our home in the yard. They are white plastic-capped pipes that project a few inches above the ground. They also give direct access to probably bad sewer gas smell. 

Simple maintenance can help you maintain your clean-outs and smell-free. Inspect your clean-outs now and then; they are full of water. Make sure that the caps are closed tight and secure. If you ever smell a bad odor, you can unfasten the caps and put a small amount of bleach to help.

Call Lex’s Plumber for Assistance

As a homeowner, you can do so much to prevent the need for sewer line repair. But with an expert with you, you can get better and quicker results. An experienced and trained expert can advise you in making your plumbing system healthy. More significantly, they can give proper plumbing maintenance that limits your need for expensive sewer line repairs. 

Here at Lex’s Plumbing, we are about prevention. We will help you maintain your plumbing system. We are the ones you can rely on when you have plumbing emergencies. If you see yourself in need of sewer line repair, trust only Lex’s Plumbing. Give us a call now. 

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