Easy Steps to Clean Your HVAC System in Few Minutes

Having dusty heating and cooling vents does not look pleasant but they equally prevent air from flowing properly in the room. This is because buildup dust can cause dust and debris to go into the air ducts and cause harm.

To maintain the proper functioning of heating and cooling Melbourne and to cause them to be free of dust and debris, it is essential to have them cleaned and also come up with ways of preventing them from becoming dusty.

Cleaning a heating and cooling system

Heating and cooling systems in Melbourne are quite easy to clean and prevent the system from getting dirty. Frequent cleaning is the best way of keeping the heating and cooling vents void of dust and debris. This is the best means of preventing clogged dust and dirt from causing issues with the flow of air.

It is easy to keep the heating and cooling vents clean and they take just a couple of minutes apart from being affordable too. The basic equipment needed to carry out this process includes; a vacuum cleaner, water and soap, towels/rags, and some gap cleaning supplies to clean the vent. To keep the vents clean, here are a few tips to follow:

  • The first thing to do is to turn off the power source that keeps the AC running. This way, the HVAC system will not start while cleaning it and blow dust everywhere.
  • Next, vacuum the vent cover, the best tool to use will be a crevice or a brush attachment.
  • Take off the vent cover by unscrewing it if it has been tightly screwed. Enable to pull the cover straight from the duct.
  • Prepare a warm and soapy water mixture and soak the vent cover in it to get rid of any stubborn dirt. Continue the soaking process until all the dirt becomes loose.
  • Wipe the cover down using a wet rag.
  • To clean in-between, the slats of the vent cover, use any narrow cleaning tool such as a pipe cleaner, a narrow soft brush, or even a cotton swab. This will easily get rid of any dirt found in the vent.
  • Manually dry all areas between the slats using a thin rag or go for a hairdryer using the hot setting to prevent water from settling in the vent. For first time users of a hairdryer, be careful not to touch the metal after blow drying it when using the hot setting because the metal will be warm. After this, use a towel to air dry the heating and cooling vents.
  • When all the vents are dry, make sure to put back the vent covers firmly and finally, turn back the power source on to keep it running.
  • The HVAC system will be working perfectly void of any dust and debris after these few steps of thorough cleaning making one breathe fresh air and feel comfortable.

Preventive tips to keep your HVAC system void of dust and debris

It is possible to keep one’s HVAC system void of dust and debris. One way is to get a magnetic or plastic vent cover. They are often used to direct airflow in a particular direction and can help in keeping dust and dirt off the vent.

Always endeavor to vacuum the floor frequently so that dirt and debris do not go close to the vent. Also, try to get an indoor air purifier that can aid in getting rid of the dust from the home.

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