Eclectic Photos to Bring Edge into Your Home

A photo can speak volumes in contrast to a room in your home. Whether the bathroom, bedroom, living room, or kitchen, a well-placed picture can add that edge and eccentricity to turn up the ambiance of a space. Nothing does this more than black and white rock photographs of a famous artist who’s classic and timeless.

Sometimes, the back story behind a photo can provide an even greater appreciation for an image. Liven up your space with a photo of an artist that provides a glimpse into history. It can be a beautiful reminder of days gone by, inspiration for your daily life, or make a permeable statement to guests.


Prince – Purple Rain Tour

Richard E. Aaron’s photos of the artist formerly known as Prince during his Purple Rain Tour in 1984 are some of the most memorable ever caught with a lens. Prince’s stark beauty, unusual style, and unique personality shine with every picture. His enchanting stare and poses amid a smoky atmosphere give Prince a mythical appearance.

What makes these pictures amazing was how difficult it was to get a proper shot. There were hundreds of photographers at every show crammed into a tiny area. They had to arrive early, given strict instructions, and told that if they left their box, security would remove them from the show.


Bob Marley – Reggae Bloodlines

Any image of Bob Marley is immediately recognizable and will have a stark appearance on any wall. His big, bold dreadlocks and imposing presence is undeniable and captivating at the same time. Although almost any image of Marley is like this, nothing highlights it more than Peter Simon’s 1976 photoshoot of him.

This shoot occurred before the release of Bob Marley’s book, “Reggae Bloodlines.” It explores the culture, history, and music scene of Jamaica during the 1970s that led to a worldwide love of the genre. Marley’s defiant spirit, rebellious nature, and unifying love exude from every image. He’d be great on the first wall people see when they enter your home.


AC/DC – Comiskey Park

A photo of AC/DC is a great addition to any wall; especially if you get one of Angus Young grinding away on his guitar. The photos from their August 5, 1978 show at Comiskey Park in Chicago, Illinois feature the band’s infamy and party attitude. When you look at any of these, it feels like you’re right there.

Dean Simmon took some great black-and-white photos of the band. They are a reminder of how much fun it was to be at a show that featured AC/DC. The lineup at this arena also included epic acts like Aerosmith, Foreigner, and Rush.


Photos Forever

Having an eclectic photo of a famous rock artist is excellent for almost any room in your home. Going with black-and-white will accent any décor with a classic and timeless look. Plus, getting one with a story behind it can make for an interesting conversation piece.

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